A Half Dozen Fun Facts About Sun Bowl Stadium

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Here are some fun facts and little known info about Sun Bowl Stadium in El Paso, Texas.

-The stadium was constructed to be the new home of the Sun Bowl in 1963. The former home of the Sun Bowl is Kidd Field located right next door to Sun Bowl Stadium. It now is mainly used for track and field events.

-The original cost of building Sun Bowl Stadium was $275,000.

-The stadium had a natural grass field from 1963 to 1973. It then was covered in AstroTurf from 1974 to 2000. That surface was replaced then with its current AstroPlay field cover.

-In a somewhat unique arrangement, the land that Sun Bowl Stadium is built on was once owned by the school who then donated it to El Paso County who built the stadium as an upgrade for the bowl game that shares its name. The county then owned the stadium until 2001 when it and the ownership of the land reverted back to the school.

-The Sun Bowl was the original home of the Texas vs. The Nation Game which featured players from Texas taking on All-Stars from around the country. It was played at the Sun Bowl from 2007 to 2010, after which it was moved to San Antonio.

-Sun Bowl Stadium is the major American stadium located closest to a foreign country. The community of Juarez sits less than a half mile from it, right across the Rio Grande River.

The Best Quarterback Seasons In Dallas Cowboys History

The Dallas Cowboys are known as America’s Team and they have played in some of the biggest games in football history. Over the years, the team has also had some great quarterbacks suit up for them. Which quarterbacks for the Cowboys though have had the best seasons for the team in different categories?

Starting Every Game

Dallas has had a long history of having stability at quarterback. The following quarterbacks have started every game in one season for the Cowboys at least one time: Craig Morton, Roger Staubach, Danny White, Troy Aikman, Quincy Carter, Drew Bledsoe, and Tony Romo.


Tony Romo completed 425 passes in 2012, this is the most that has ever been completed by a Cowboys quarterback in one season. He broke the team record of 347 that was set by none other than himself in 2009.


The most interceptions thrown in one season by a Cowboys quarterback is 25. This was first done in the team’s first season in football, 1960, by quarterback Eddie LeBaron and was equaled in 1980 by Danny White. The fewest interceptions thrown for the team by a quarterback who started every game of the year is the seven thrown by Troy Aikman in 1995.

Passing Yards

No Cowboys quarterback has thrown for more yards in one season than Tony Romo’s 4,903 in 2012. In fact, Romo is the only Cowboys quarterback to ever top the 4,000 yard mark… and he has done it four times, doing it first in 2007.

Touchdown Passes

In 2007, Tony Romo threw more touchdown passes in one season than any other Cowboys quarterback ever had when he completed 36 of them. The longest touchdown pass any Cowboys quarterback ever had went for 95 yards and was thrown by Don Meredith in 1966.

Quarterback Rating

The best quarterback rating a Dallas quarterback ever ended up with for one season is the 113.2 rating put up by Tony Romo in 2014 when he put up a record of 12-3 in the 15 games he started. This broke the previous record of 104.8 that Roger Staubach had posted when he went 10-0 as a starter in 1971.


The Dallas Cowboys quarterback to rack up the most wins in one season as the starter is Troy Aikman. In 1992, Aikman helped the Cowboys win the Super Bowl by leading the team to a team record 13 regular season wins as the starting quarterback. Tony Romo tied this record in 2007 when he too won 13 games as the team’s starter.

Andrew Luck – NFL Firsts

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While still very young, Andrew Luck has really made a mark on the NFL. With so many impressive accomplishments already, it’s time to take a look at some of his NFL firsts:

First Completion

The first player in the NFL to catch a pass from Andrew Luck was Dominique Jones who hauled one in for an eight yard gain.

First Incompletion

The first player Andrew Luck threw a pass to in the NFL that ended up as an incompletion was Reggie Wayne.

First Loss

In his very first NFL game, Andrew Luck got the first loss of his career when he and the Colts fell on the road to the Chicago Bears, 41-21.

First 300 Yard Game

Andrew Luck broke the 300 yard passing mark in his very first game when he threw for 309 yards in a loss to the Bears.

First Interception

The first player to intercept an NFL pass thrown by Andrew Luck was Tim Jennings of the Chicago Bears.

First Rushing Attempt

Andrew Luck’s first NFL rushing attempt resulted in a three yard gain. He was tackled by Henry Milton of the Bears.

First 400 Yard Game

The first time Andrew Luck threw for more than 400 yards in one game was when he threw for 433 in a 23-20 win over the Dolphins in the eighth game of his 2012 rookie season.

First Postseason Game

Andrew Luck’s first postseason game saw him and the Colts fall 24-9 on the road against the Ravens on January 6, 2013. In that game he completed 28 of 54 passes for 288 yards and an interception.

First 50 Yard Rushing Game

Andrew Luck topped 50 yards rushing in a game for the first time in the NFL in his third career game, a loss to the Jaguars, when he ran the ball four times for 50 yards.

First Rushing Touchdown

The first rushing touchdown of Andrew Luck’s NFL career came in a 2012 win over the Packers when he ran one in up the middle from three yards out.

First Four TD Game

Throwing four or more TD passes in an NFL game is quite an accomplishment. The first time Andrew Luck did it in an NFL game was on December 12, 2012 in a Colts win over the Lions. He threw four TD passes that year including two to Donnie Avery and one each to LaVon Brazill and Coby Fleener.

First 10 TD Pass Opponent

The first opposing team that Andrew Luck would accumulate 10 or more touchdown passes against during his career was the Houston Texans.

First Penalty

The first penalty called on Andrew Luck in the NFL came against the Jets in 2012 when he was called for intentional grounding.

First Time Leading The NFL In TD Passes

2014 saw third year quarterback Andrew Luck lead the NFL in TD passes for the first time when he threw a total of 40.

First Player To Catch More Than One Andrew Luck TD Pass

The first NFL player to catch more than one TD pass from Andrew Luck during his career was Dwayne Allen.

Five Little Known Facts About New York Jets Legend Joe Namath

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Joe Namath is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, one of the best New York Jets quarterbacks ever, and one of the most famous former football players in the world. He had a great college football career at the University of Alabama before being drafted by and signing with the New York Jets of the American Football League.

He immediately brought both respect and excitement to the Jets and the entire AFL with both his on field skills and his off field persona. The defining moment in his career came with his prediction of a Jets victory in Super Bowl III over the heavily favored Baltimore Colts.

Here is a look at five little known facts about the career of Jets great Joe Namath.

#1 – The First Of Many

The first touchdown pass Joe Namath ever threw in professional football happened in week two of 1965, his rookie season, in a 14-10 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. The pass came in the fourth quarter and went for 37 yards to Don Maynard.

#2 – Nice Consistency!

During his career, Namath was very consistent. He threw 173 total regular season touchdowns over 13 seasons. He threw 87 during home games and 86 on the road.

#3 – Run Faster Caster!

The longest touchdown pass he would throw in his entire career came during the 1974 season in the fourth quarter of a 21-17 loss to the Miami Dolphins. The play went 89 yards and the pass was caught by Rich Caster.

#4 – Who Caught The Most?

No one caught more touchdown passes from Joe Namath than the great Don Maynard. During their time together they combined for 42 regular season touchdowns.

#5 – The Los Angeles Season

Joe Namath finished his career with one final NFL season playing for the Los Angeles Rams. He threw just three touchdown passes there and they are the only TDs he threw that didn’t go to Jets players. The Rams who caught Namath touchdown passes were Harold Jackson, Terry Nelson, and Lawrence McCutcheon.

Five Little Known Facts About NFL Kicker Morten Andersen

Morten Andersen had a long NFL career, playing from 1982 to 2007, and retired holding a number of NFL records. Here are five little known facts about this great NFL kicker.

-Only two players have come out of Michigan State University and played more than two decades in the NFL. The first was quarterback Earl Morrall and the second was kicker Morten Andersen.

-The best season Morten Andersen had during his NFL career, by percentage, was 2007 with the Falcons, his final year in the league when he made 25 of 28 field goal attempts for an 89.3 field goal percentage.

-Morten Andersen kicked 40 field goals in the NFL from 50 yards or further away. He made 22 for the Saints, 15 for the Falcons, two for the Giants, and one for the Chiefs.

-During his career, Morten Andersen kicked more field goals against the San Francisco 49ers, a total of 64, than he would against any other team in the NFL. The team he kicked the second most against was the Rams with 54. The team he made more extra point kicks against than any other was the Rams with 95.

-The longest field goal Morten Andersen ever made in the NFL came in a Saints loss to the Bears in 1991. In the second quarter of that game he connected from 60 yards away.

Five Interesting Facts About San Francisco 49ers Legend Joe Montana

The San Francisco 49ers were one of the best teams in modern football and probably the best team in the 1980’s. With all of their accomplishments, including multiple Super Bowl victories, it is no wonder that they also for awhile became the most popular team in the league too. None of this could have happened though if they had not used their third round pick in the 1979 NFL Draft to select University of Notre Dame quarterback Joe Montana.

Joe Montana was an exceptional football player and played maybe the largest role in bringing the San Francisco franchise back from the lower level of the NFL and into the group of all time great teams. He accomplished many things during his career, and here are five interesting facts about 49ers great Joe Montana.

#1 – The First Of Many. The first touchdown Joe Montana would ever throw in the NFL was a 16 yarder to Bob Bruer in the fourth quarter of a 38-28 loss to the Denver Broncos in 1979. This was the only touchdown he threw during his rookie season as it wasn’t until 1980 that he would become the starter.

#2 – No player would catch more touchdown passes from Joe Montana than Jerry Rice. He and his quarterback would hook up 55 times for scores during their time together.

#3 – Joe Montana threw more touchdown passes against the Atlanta Falcons than he did against any other team in the NFL. Over the course of his career he threw 38 touchdown passes against Atlanta, barely edging out the 37 he threw against the Los Angeles Rams.

#4 – He threw more touchdowns in the second quarter than he did in any other quarter of play. His 89 second quarter touchdowns dwarf the 68 he threw in the fourth quarter, 62 he threw for in the first quarter, and the 54 he threw in the third quarter.

#5 – Davis Gets Amped Up. The last regular season touchdown pass Joe Montana would ever throw came in the game of the 1994 season. It was a 19-9 win over the Raiders and the pass was thrown in the first quarter, went for 47 yards, and was caught by Chiefs wide receiver Willie Davis. The last touchdown pass Montana threw as a 49er came two years earlier and was an eight yarder to running back Amp Lee.

Andrew Luck’s First NFL Game Ever

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Andrew Luck came into the NFL as the number one overall selection in the 2012 NFL Draft by the Indianapolis Colts. He had a stellar college career behind him and big shoes to fill in front of him in the form of Peyton Manning. But how did his first NFL game go?

In his first NFL game, Andrew Luck went on the road on September 9th, 2012 in a contest vs. the Chicago Bears.

Andrew Luck completed the first pass he attempted which went for an eight yard gain and was caught by Dominique Jones. The Colts got on the board first thanks to an interception return for a touchdown by Jerrell Freeman. That was it though until just over three minutes before halftime when running back Donald Brown ran a score in from 18 yards out. At halftime, Indianapolis trailed 24-14.

The Bears tacked on another TD and field goal in the third quarter to boost their lead to 34-14. A couple minutes into the fourth quarter though, it happened, Andrew Luck threw his first NFL TD pass. It went for four yards, was the final Colts points scored in the game, and was caught by Donnie Avery. The Bears added another score before it was over and went on to win the game 41-21, giving Luck his first loss as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Luck finished the game completing 23 of 45 passes for 309 yards, one touchdown, and three interceptions. He also ran the ball twice for nine yards. This gave him his first 300 yard passing game, though in a loss.

10 Fun Facts About The Touchdown Passes Of Jim Harbaugh

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Jim Harbaugh has become one of the most sought after coaching names in football. Before that though, he was an NFL quarterback. He started his career with the Chicago Bears and then went on to play for several other teams. Here is a look at 10 fun facts about the touchdown passes of Jim Harbaugh.

-Jim Harbaugh threw 129 touchdown passes during his NFL career.

-During his career, Jim Harbaugh threw 50 touchdown passes with the Bears, 49 with the Colts, 18 with the Chargers, and 12 with the Ravens.

-The team Jim Harbaugh would throw the most touchdown passes against during his career was the Miami Dolphins with a total of 11.

-The first touchdown pass Jim Harbaugh threw in the NFL was a five yarder in the fourth quarter of a Bears loss to the Browns in 1989. It was caught by Wendell Davis.

-Jim Harbaugh threw five touchdown passes of 80 yards or farther during his NFL career. He threw three of them while with the Bears with two being caught by Anthony Morgan and one by Dennis Gentry. He also threw one to Marshall Faulk while playing for the Indianapolis Colts. He then threw one while playing for the Chargers that was caught by Kenny Bynum.

-Of Jim Harbaugh’s 129 career TD passes, he threw 67 in home games and 62 in road games.

-Jim Harbaugh threw more touchdown passes during the second quarter during his career, a total of 45, than he did in any other quarter of play. He also threw 18 in the first quarter, 33 in the third quarter, and 32 in the fourth quarter.

-On December 2nd, 1990 in a Bears win over the Detroit Lions, Jim Harbaugh threw the one and only overtime touchdown pass of his career. It went for 50 yards and was caught by running back Neal Anderson.

-Jim Harbaugh threw touchdown passes to 37 different players during his time in the NFL.

-The last touchdown Jim Harbaugh threw while in the NFL was a 10 yarder to Curtis Conway in 2000 while playing for the San Diego Chargers.

Odell Beckham Jr. And His First NFL Game Ever

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Sometimes, regardless if they are a retired star or a fresh faced youngster, it is fun to look back at an NFL players first game in the league. This is true about Odell Beckham Jr. too who really burst on the scene as a rookie for the New York Giants in 2014.

Odell Beckham Jr.’s first game came on October 5, 2014, the fifth game of the season, a Giants win over the Falcons.

Odell Beckham Jr. caught four passes in that game, each thrown to him by quarterback Eli Manning. His first reception came in the first quarter and was a gain of seven yards that saw him tackled by Desmond Trufant. His second reception was good for an eight yard gain in the third quarter and saw him tackled by Kemal Ishmael. Beckham then was credited with his very first catch for a first down in the fourth quarter when he caught a pass for a 14 yard gain and was tackled by Paul Worrilow. Later in the fourth quarter, Beckham caught a 15 yard pass from Manning that ended up being his first NFL TD reception.

Odell Beckham Jr. also returned one punt during his first NFL game. It went for zero yards and he called for a fair catch.

By all forms of measurement, four catches for 44 yards and a touchdown is a good performance for a first year wide receiver in his first NFL game ever.

The Team With The Most 300 Yard Passing Games In NFL History

One of the most common ways to judge a quarterback or a team’s passing game is to see how many 300 yard games they have thrown for in a season or over the past few years. A 300 yard game shows that a quarterback or team were very successful in moving the ball through the air. This will continue to be the measuring stick used in the future too as a 300 yard passing game by a quarterback or team also usually means the team was successful, maybe even to the point of winning the game.

A great deal of attention is given to the quarterbacks with the most 300 yard games, but what team has had the most 300 yard passing games in the history of the league? The San Diego Chargers sit atop the list with the most of any team, even though their first year in football wasn’t until 1960. The passing game has always been important to the Chargers and they have had some gifted quarterbacks over the years, including John Hadl, Dan Fouts, Drew Brees, and Phillip Rivers.

Here is a look at the top ten franchises in NFL history, ranked by how many 300 yard passing games they have had going into the 2015 season.

1. San Diego Chargers – 135
2. St. Louis Rams – 121
3. Indianapolis Colts – 118
4. New England Patriots – 115
5. Green Bay Packers – 114
6. Denver Broncos – 111
7. San Francisco 49ers – 110
8. Philadelphia Eagles – 106
9. New Orleans Saints – 105
10. Washington Redskins – 101