Great Games: Flipper Anderson Of The Rams Kills The Saints

The late 1980’s Los Angeles Rams never made it to the Super Bowl, but they had an exciting team just the same. In 1989, quarterback Jim Everett led them to an 11-5 record and all the way to the conference championship game, only to lose to the San Francisco 49ers.

They had some big games that year too, but few included anything like what happened on November 26, 1989 when Flipper Anderson took it to the New Orleans Saints.

The Rams came into the game with a 7-4 record and just five weeks earlier had alread lost to the Saints. At halftime, the Rams were down 10-3 and then fell behind 17-3 by the end of the third quarter. They came back in the fourth quarter though behind a rushing touchdown from Buford McGee and Flipper Anderson’s only touchdown to tie it up and send the game to overtime where they won it on a Mike Lansford field goal.

But the story of the game was the stats put up by the combination of Jim Everett and Flipper Anderson.

Everett finished the game having completed 29 of 51 passes for 454 yards and two touchdowns. This was the most passing yards he would ever have in one game.

As impressive as Everett’s game was, the NFL had never seen a performance before like the one turned in by Flipper Anderson. Over the course of that game, Anderson had caught a total of 15 passes, including a longest of 50 yards, for one touchdown and a new NFL record of 336 receiving yards. This broke the previous record of 309 yards that had been set by Stephone Paige of the Chiefs just four years earlier. It was also just the third 300 yard receiving day in NFL history.

Great Games: Detroit Lions Receiver Cloyce Box

Cloyce Box played five seasons in the National Football League, from 1949 to 1954, all with the Detroit Lions. He was a key player in the team’s early 1950’s success, helping the Lions win NFL championships in 1952 and 1953.

Cloyce Box has an interesting life story, but his greatest NFL game is easy to pick out. It occurred on the road against the Colts in Baltimore on Sunday, December 3, 1950 in the second to the last game of his second year in the league.

After the first quarter ended and the score was 0-0, it looked to be a tough game for the visiting Lions. The second quarter saw the game take another look.

The scoring started in the second quarter with Lions quarterback and future Hall of Famer Bobby Layne hooking up with Cloyce Box on an 82 yard touchdown. Doak Walker added another score for Detroit and then Colts quarterback, and another future Hall of Famer, Y.A. Tittle threw a TD pass of his own to Hal Crisler. At the half, the score was Lions 14 and the Colts 7.

The third quarter opened up with another Tittle to Crisler scroing play, knotting the game up at 14-14. The Lions then ran off three straight third quarter scores, first a 67 yard pass from Layne to Box, then a Doak Walker field goal, and then a Doak Walker touchdown run. At the end of the third quarter, it was the Lions leading the Colts 31-14.

The Colts opened up the fourth with a one yard touchdown pass from Adrian Burk to Paul Salata, bringing the game to 31-21, but it would be their last score of the game. The Lions added two more fourth quarter touchdowns to secure the win, first a 32 yard TD pass from Layne to Box, and then Box would add another, this time from 22 yards out from Fred Enke. The final score would be 45-21 for a great road win for the Detroit Lions.

Quarterback Bobby Layne had a great game for Detroit, finishing with 16 completions on 27 attempts for 341 yards and three touchdowns.

The real star for the team though was Cloyce Box. He finished this game with 12 catches, four of them for touchdowns, and a total of 302 receiving yards. This was the first time in NFL history that a receiver had gone over the 300 yard receiving mark in a game. It stood as the NFL record too until 1985 when it was broken by Stephone Paige of the Kansas City Chiefs. More than 65 years after that incredible performance, only four other receivers had ever hit 300 yards receiving in one game.

Who Did Dan Marino Throw The Most TD Passes Against?

Dan Marino had a long career in the NFL, playing each of his 17 seasons with the Miami Dolphins. He put up a number of great team and league records, led his team into some of the biggest games in franchise history, and had some amazing on-field accomplishments.

Which team though did Dan Marino throw the most touchdown passes against during his NFL career?

Dan Marino threw 420 regular season touchdown passes. He threw 50 of them against the Buffalo Bills. He threw 54 TD passes against the Indianapolis Colts. The team he would throw the most against though was the New York Jets. During his career, Marino threw 72 touchdown passes against the Jets.

The Top Five Fumble Seasons In Seattle Seahawks History

The Seattle Seahawks have a deep connection with their local community thanks to some stellar play on the field. The team came from expansion level performance in the mid 1970’s to winning the Super Bowl. They’ve had some great players over the years too.

Great players accomplish great things. But football players also end up setting team record they don’t always like to be associated with. With that in mind, what are the top five fumble seasons in Seattle Seahawks history, and who had them?

13 Fumbles In A Year!

Twice in Seahawks history has a player ended the year with 13 fumbles. It happened first during Rick Mirer’s rookie year in 1993 and then again in 2014 when Russell Wilson equaled the mark.

14 Fumbles In A Year!

In 1999, Seahwaks quarterback Jon Kitna had 14 fumbles.

16 Fumbles In A Year!

Seahawks quarterback Dave Krieg had 16 fumbles during the 1990 season.

17 Fumbles In A Year!

Jon Kitna came one fumble away from tying the team record when he coughed up the ball 17 times in 2000.

18 Fumbles In A Year!

The most fumbles in one season for the Seattle Seahawks though is the 18 fumbles pulled off by Dave Krieg during the 1989 season.

Update: The Favorite Receivers Of Colts / Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning has had one of the most impressive careers of any quarterback in NFL history. Which receivers who he has played with have been his favorite though? Well, if you can judge based on who has caught the most TD passes from him over the years, then it isn’t that hard to figure out.

The Favorite Receivers Of Peyton Manning

Marvin Harrison – 112

Reggie Wayne – 67

Dallas Clark – 44

Demaryius Thomas – 36

Marcus Pollard – 34

What College Have The Rams Drafted The Most Players From?

The Los Angeles Rams have a long history in the NFL, and they also have a history of changing locations. They began as the Cleveland Rams before relocating to the West Coast to become the Los Angeles Rams, moving back to the Midwest to become the St. Louis Rams, before returning to Los Angeles prior to the 2016 season. Throughout all those years and all those locations though they have done a very good job of fielding competitive teams. This is due in large part to the high quality players they have had playing for them.

All those players have to come from somewhere though and most come as part of the NFL Draft. What college though have the Rams drafted from the most?

The University of Oklahoma and Ohio State University are tied in fifth place, followed by Notre Dame in fourth, the University of Washington in third, and the USC Trojans in second. The top spot though belongs to the UCLA Bruins who, through the 2017 NFL Draft, have seen 45 players picked by the Rams organization.

Those 45 UCLA Bruins Players:

John Ryland
Al Solari
Bob Waterfield
Tom Fears
Don Paul
Leon McLaughlin
Bernie Reiges
Mike Dimitro
Don Paul
Jack Ellena
Chuck Doud
Donn Moomaw
Joe Ray
Bob Long
Hardiman Cureton
Jim Decker
Pat Pinkston
Bill Mason
Rafer Johnson
Marv Luster
Bobby Smith
Foster Andersen
Mel Profit
Gary Beban
Bob Geddes
Bob Christiansen
Roger Freberg
Al Oliver
Wendell Tyler
Gus Coppens
Frank Corral
Jairo Penaranda
Ricky Coffman
Duval Love
Mike Young
Steve Jarecki
Robert Jenkins
James Washington
Flipper Anderson
Gaston Green
Darry Henley
Roman Phifer
Sean LaChapelle
Robert Thomas
Brandon Chillar

Five Things You May Not Know About Jordy Nelson

Jordy Nelson is one of the most dynamic wide receivers in the NFL. Packers fans are lucky to have him and I’d bet Aaron Rodgers feels the same. With great hands and exceptional route running, he’s going to continue to make an impact in Green Bay for a long time.


Hometown Boy

Jordy Nelson went to college at Kansas State University which is located in Manhattan, Kansas. This is the same community he was born and raised in.

Jumping Ability

At the 2008 NFL Scouting Combine, Jordy Nelson was measured to have a 31 inch vertical leap and a 10′ 3″ broad jump.

The First To Give Up Double Digits

The first NFL team that Jordy Nelson would score double digit touchdowns against was the Minnesota Vikings.

His First Penalty

The first penalty Jordy Nelson would commit in the NFL was an illegal touch pass in a win over the Bears as a rookie in 2008 when he stepped out of bounds and came back in bounds to make the reception.

200 Yard Receiving Game

On September 14, 2014, in a Packers win over the Jets, Jordy Nelson caught nine passes for 209 yards. This made him the sixth Green Bay player with a 200 yard receiving game. The first five were Billy Howton, who did it twice, followed by Carroll Dale, James Lofton, Don Beebe, and Javon Walker.

How Many Players Caught Just One Career TD Pass From John Elway?

John Elways has gone down as one of the top quarterbacks in NFL history. Over the years he won a lot of games and he also threw a lot of touchdown passes. How many? He threw exactly 300 touchdown passes during his career, all with the Denver Broncos.

Shannon Sharpe caught more TD passes from Elway than any other player, a total of 41. Other players to catch a significant amount include Ed McCaffrey, Vance Johnson, Anthony Miller, Mark Jackson, Rod Smith and Steve Watson. How many players though only caught one TD pass from Elway during his career?

Of John Elway’s 300 career TD passes, 11 of them went to players who would only catch one from him during their time in the NFL.

Those 11 players:

Jesse Myles
Ray Alexander
Bobby Humphrey
Dwayne Carswell
Jeff Campbell
Rick Parros
Dave Studdard
Reggie Rivers
Mike Sherrard
Detron Smith
Howard Griffith

20 New York Giants Quarterback Fun Facts

The New York Giants are one of the most tradition rich teams in the National Football League. They’ve had a number of great players over the years, including at the quarterback position. Here is a look at 20 fun facts about New York Giants quarterbacks.

Most Years As Leading Passer

From 1948 to 1959, a span of 12 seasons, Charlie Conerly was the leading passer of the New York Giants. This set a team record he would have alone until 2016 when Eli Manning succeeded in being the leading passer for the team for his 12th consecutive season.

Eli Manning Starts Two Seasons The Same Way

The first player to catch a touchdown pass from Eli Manning at the beginning of both his first and second season was the same guy, tight end Jeremy Shockey.

Scott Brunner’s Best Game

New York Giants quarterback Scott Brunner’s best NFL game came in a 1983 loss to the Chargers. That day he completed 31 of 51 passing attempts for 395 yards and three touchdowns.

Fran Tarkenton’s First And Last

The first player to catch a touchdown pass from Fran Tarkenton after he joined the Giants was Homer Jones. The last Giants player to catch a TD pass from Tarkenton was Don Herrmann.

That First 3,000 Yard Season

The first New York Giants quarterback to have a 3,000 yard seasons came in 1962 when Y.A. Tittle, in 14 games, completed 200 of 375 passes for 3,224 and 33 touchdowns.

Most TD Passes In A Game

On November 1, 2015, Eli Manning threw six touchdown passes in a Giants loss to the Saints. This was one shy of the team record seven touchdown passes Y.A. Tittle threw in a 1962 Giants win over the Redskins.

Earl Morrall’s Longest TD Pass

Longtime NFL quarterback Earl Morrall threw 161 touchdowns while playing in the NFL. Only 32 of those came while with the Giants. During that time though he threw the longest of his career, a 98 yarder to Giants receiver Homer Jones.

Not A Statistic You Want To Lead In

In 1973, Giants quarterback Norm Snead led the NFL with 22 interceptions. This was the first time he was the league leader in that category while playing for New York. He’d previously led the league in interceptions while with the Redskins in 1963 and while playing for the Eagles in 1968 and 1969.

What’s In A Jersey Number, Eli?

Eli Manning famously wears jersey number 10 for the New York Giants. Other players who have worn that number before him for the team include Jeff Feagles, Kent Graham, Tom Rouen, Fran Tarkenton, and Brad Van Pelt.

Danny Kanell’s Best Game

The best game Danny Kanell had while playing in the NFL came in a 34-7 Giants win over the Cardinals in 1998 when he completed 22 of 36 passes for 259 yards and three touchdowns.

1970’s Passing Leaders

The New York Giants saw five different quarterbacks lead the team in passing during the 1970’s: Fran Tarkenton, Norm Snead, Craig Morton, Joe Pisarcik, and Phil Simms.

That First Eli Manning QB Sack

In his first NFL game, coming on in relief of Kurt Warner in a Week One loss to the Eagles in 2004, Eli Manning was sacked for the first time of his career. He was brought down by Jerome McDougle for a one yard loss on the last play of the game. He fumbled the ball and it was recovered by his own running back Ron Dayne.

Kurt Warner’s Giant Touchdown Total

Kurt Warner had a Hall of Fame career, throwing 208 regular season touchdown passes in the process. He only threw six of those while playing his lone season with the New York Giants. Four of those were caught by Jeremy Shockey while one each were caught by Tim Carter and Tiki Barber.

Quite The Improvement, Craig!

In 1976, Craig Morton’s last year as quarterback with the Giants, he posted a 2-10 record as the starter for the team. The very next year, his first season with the Broncos, his record as a starter was 12-2.

A Nice Super Bowl Start For Phil Simms

Giants quarterback Phil Simms started Super Bowl XXI out by completing his first six passes. Those passes were good for 17 yards to Lionel Manuel, nine yards to Mark Bavaro, two yards to Joe Morris, 18 yards to Stacy Robinson, 17 yards to Bavaro, and seven yards to Morris. Those were all thrown in the first quarter. His first incompletion came on his first attempt in the second quarter on a pass intended for Phil McConkey.

Eli Mannin’s First Penalty

The first penalty called on Eli Manning in the NFL came during his rookie season in a loss to the Atlanta Falcons when he was called for a low block.

Jeff Hostetler’s First TD Pass

The first touchdown pass Jeff Hostetler would throw in the NFL came in a 1988 Giants win over the Saints. It went for 85 yards and was caught by Stephen Baker. This ended up being the longest touchdown pass of Hostetler’s career.

Joe Pisarcik’s TD’s vs. Int’s

During his three seasons with the New York Giants, Joe Pisarcik threw 18 touchdown passes, but 43 interceptions.

Phil Simms Spreads It Around

Phil Simms threw 199 regular season touchdown passes during his career with the New York Giants. He threw those to 37 different players.

The First Four

The first four times the New York Giants would use a first round draft pick on a quarterback were in 1950 (Travis Tidwell), 1959 (Lee Grosscup), 1979 (Phil Simms), and 2004 (Philip Rivers).

Who Has Scored The Most NFL Touchdowns As A 23 Year Old?

You can’t win an NFL game unless you’re putting points on the board and a lot of times that means touchdowns. We’ve looked before at who has scored the most touchdowns in NFL history as a 20, 21, and 22 year old. Today, let’s look at who has scored the most TDs as a 23 year old.

4th Place
In fourth place, we have four names tied. Each managed to score 17 touchdowns in the NFL while they were 23 years old.

Barry Sanders
Curtis Martin
Deuce McAllister
Willis McGahee

3rd Place
Sitting in third place in the list of top touchdown scorers at the age of 23, with a total of 18, is the only wide receiver to appear in this list:

Mark Clayton

2nd Place
One of the true all time greats appears in second place, with a total of 19, in the category of touchdowns scored at the age of 23:

Emmitt Smith

1st Place
Two names sit atop the list of top touchdown scorers in the NFL at the age of 23. Those two players who managed to each score 20 touchdowns at that age:

Eric Dickerson
LeSean McCoy