10 Fun Facts About The Touchdown Passes Of New York Jets Quarterback Ken O’Brien

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Ken O’Brien was the starting quarterback for the New York Jets during much of the 1980s. He had good mobility, an accurate arm, and a lot of talent. He had the disadvantage of playing at a time when the Jets did not surround him with a lot of weapons. Here is a look at Ken O’Brien and the touchdown passes he threw in the NFL.

-Ken O’Brien threw 128 touchdown passes during his NFL career.

-Ken O’Brien threw 124 touchdown passes as the quarterback of the New York Jets and four while playing for the Philadelphia Eagles.

-The team that Ken O’Brien threw the most touchdown passes against during his career was the Miami Dolphins with a total of 25.

-Of his 128 career touchdown passes, Ken O’Brien threw 67 in home games and 61 on the road.

-Ken O’Brien threw six touchdown passes on Monday Night Football during his career.

-Ken O’Brien threw more touchdowns during the second quarter, a total of 53, than he did in any other quarter of play. He also threw 17 in the first quarter, 25 in the third quarter, and 32 in the fourth quarter.

-On September 21, 1986, Ken O’Brien threw the one and only overtime touchdown pass of his career. It went for 43 yards, sealed a 51-45 victory over the Dolphins, and was caught by Wesley Walker.

-The first TD pass Ken O’Brien threw in the NFL was a seven yarder to Rocky Klever in the first quarter of a loss to the Patriots on October 28, 1984.

-The five players who caught the most TD passes from Ken O’Brien during his career were Al Toon with 29, Wesley Walker with 24, Mickey Shuler with 15, Kurt Sohn with 10, and Rob Moore with 9.

-Ken O’Brien threw just two TD passes in the postseason during his entire career. The first was an 11 yarder to Johnny Hector against the Patriots and the second was a 10 yarder to Al Toon against the Oilers.

Who Did Quarterback Warren Moon Throw The Most Touchdown Passes To?

There are a number of quarterbacks out there who can and have been called one of the best to ever play the game. Warren Moon qualifies to be on that list too.

Warren Moon played college football at the University of Washington. After not getting a chance to play quarterback in the NFL, he went to the Canadian Football League and was so successful that NFL teams competed to sign him. He ended up with the Houston Oilers and by the time his career was over he had racked up some of the most impressive passing numbers that have ever been seen.

Over his career in the NFL though, who were his favorite receivers? Well, here is a list of the top five receivers based on how many touchdown passes they caught from the great quarterback, Warren Moon.

#1 – Drew Hill (43)

#2 – Ernest Givins (40)

#3 – Haywood Jeffires (30)

#4 – Cris Carter (26)

#5 – Curtis Duncan (19)

The list is dominated by players from Moon’s playing days with the Houston Oilers. He ran the high powered run and gun offense there was usually always at or near the top of the league in touchdown passes and passing yardage. After going to Minnesota, he continued to put up good numbers thanks to the wide open offense and superb talent that was there. Warren Moon is indeed one of the best ever, and a big part of his success is owed to the players listed above.

The Buffalo Bills – The First Decade In Pro Football

The Buffalo Bills came into professional football in 1960 as part of the newly formed American Football League, or AFL The Bills were established by owner Ralph Wilson, Jr. who would go on to own the team from 1960 until well into his 90’s. The city of Buffalo had experience with a number of professional football teams before, including a previous incarnation of the Bills in the All American Football Conference, and was hungry for a professional football team. The AFL and this new Bills team was exactly what they wanted, and what a treat it would be.

The Bills, like many new franchises, stumbled out of the gates. They finished their first season with a record of 5-8-1, improving to 6-8 in their second year. It didn’t take long for them to post a winning record though as they jumped to 7-6-1 in both 1962 and 1963. In fact that 1963 team made it to the playoffs, only to lose in the first round to the Boston Patriots by the score of 26-8.

1964 saw everything come together for the Bills as they put together a 12-2 season which culminated in a 20-7 AFL Championship Game win over the San Diego Chargers. They repeated the next season when they 10-3-1 and then defeated the Chargers in the Championship Game again, this time by the score of 23-0. The Bills returned to the Championship Game in 1966, this time after going 9-4-1. It went the other way this time as they lost 31-7 to the Kansas City Chiefs.

The latter half of the decade saw the team’s fortunes go back downhill. They went 4-10 in 1967, 1-12-1 in 1968, and then 4-10 again in 1969. The high point of 1969 was the team obtaining the services of future Hall of Fame running back O.J. Simpson. The future looked bright for the team as they entered the 1970’s and the American Football League came to and when it merged into the National Football League.

The Bills had a very successful decade during the 1960’s, winning two championships and making it to the AFL Championship Game three consecutive years. This was particularly amazing considering that in those ten years they did not have the most stable personnel. Seven different running backs would lead the team in rushing for a season, six different receivers would lead them in receiving during the decade, and five different quarterbacks would lead them in passing over those ten years. The team even had five different head coaches during that time. Yet they were able to pull it together, doing especially well over a specific three year span.

Who Has The Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo Thrown The Most TD Passes To?

Tony Romo has been an excellent quarterback for a few years now. He seemed to have come out of nowhere awhile ago, but he has vaulted up to being one of the more highly though of quarterbacks in the league. Dallas Cowboys fans have grown to love Romo too, thanks to both his story as an out of the blue kind of player as well as his performance on the field.

The Cowboys are one of the highest profile teams in the league and the player who plays quarterback for them always gains a lot of attention for themselves. During his brief career, Romo has played in some big games and made some big plays for the team. A number of his touchdown passes have been the difference maker in whether the team wins or loses.

Who though has caught more touchdown passes from him than any other player?

With 53 touchdown receptions from Romo, Dez Bryant is the man who has caught the most from the Dallas Cowboys quarterback. Bryant came to the team through the NFL Draft and made an immediate impact. He truly has helped make Tony Romo a better quarterback.

There have been other great players catching touchdown passes from Romo over the years too, and they along with Bryant should get some of the accolades that come down on the Cowboys quarterback. Romo though has proved year in and year out that he belongs being mentioned with the top quarterbacks in the NFL.

The Top Five Cincinnati Bengals Quarterbacks Of All Time

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The Cincinnati Bengals came into the National Football League in 1968. They had a tough go of it early on, not posting any real successful numbers until the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. They would eventually appear in multiple Super Bowls and become very popular, and not just in their own region.

One of the most important positions on the football field is quarterback. Every offensive play, aside from a few trick plays, starts with the quarterback getting the ball. How a quarterback finishes the game in terms of passing yards usually has a big impact on how the team did that day. When ranking by career passing yards, who are the top five Cincinnati Bengals quarterbacks of all time?

#1 – Ken Anderson – 32,838 yards
Ken Anderson played with the team through the 1970’s and early 1980’s, and had a few seasons where he put up some truly great numbers.

#2 – Boomer Esiason – 27,149 yards
Boomer Esiason came to the team in the mid 1980’s and was immediately popular and successful.

#3 – Carson Palmer – 18,724 yards (through the 2009 season)
Carson Palmer came to Cincinnati out of USC in the early 2000’s and immediately established himself as one of the best young quarterbacks in the league.

#4 – Jeff Blake – 15,134 yards
Jeff Blake couldn’t break into the starter’s role with the New York Jets, but after coming to the Bengals he was feared around the league for both his arm strength and his ability to run the football too.

#5 – Andy Dalton – 14,758 yards
Andy Dalton came to the Bengals out of the NFL Draft and made an immediate impact. He put up seasons that stack right up next to the best seasons Bengals quarterbacks have ever had.

The Bengals have had other notable quarterbacks on their rosters over the years too, including David Klingler, Jack Thompson, Turk Schonert, Neil O’Donnell, Scott Mitchell, Jay Schroeder, Gus Frerotte, and even Sam Wyche who would go on to be the head coach of the team. None of them though would pass the 10,000 yard mark like those top five players listed above.

The Amazing 1974 NFL Draft Of The Pittsburgh Steelers

There are a number of ways to be successful in the National Football League. A team can build a great roster by signing free agents that have proven themselves elsewhere. A team can motivate and get more out of average players, as well as exhibit great teamwork, and come together in success. A team can build using players acquired in trades or free agency and also supplement them with quality players taken in the NFL Draft.

In 1974, the Pittsburgh Steelers were able to do something else entirely. They massively changed the nature of their team simply by having one of the best NFL Drafts possible.

The Steelers of the 1970’s were one of the most dominant teams in league history. They won four Super Bowls in six years and were always a serious contender. They began building this team through the draft in 1969 with the selection of eventual member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Mean Joe Greene. They then added at least one Hall of Fame player each year over the next three seasons; defensive back Mel Blount and quarterback Terry Bradshaw in 1970, linebacker Jack Ham in 1971, and running back Franco Harris in 1972. That was just the beginning though.

In 1974, the Steelers had possibly the most amazing draft ever when they landed an unbelievable four eventual Hall of Famers in one year. In the fifth round they selected center Mike Webster who would anchor their line for a decade and a half. In the fourth round they chose wide receiver John Stallworth who would form one half of the 1970’s most feared receiver duo. In the second round they picked linebacker Jack Lambert who became one of the more feared defensive players of his era. The team’s first round selection that year was used on wide receiver Lynn Swann who would go on to make some of the most important and spectacular catches in team history.

The 1970’s Pittsburgh Steelers were really something else to watch. They rolled over most of their competition and became the first team to ever win four Super Bowl titles. Their two different back-to-back Super Bowl championships in one decade solidified their status as a dynasty. It all couldn’t have been done though without their great drafting during the early part of the decade, particularly the amazing draft in 1974.

10 Fun Facts About The Touchdown Passes Of Steve Young

Steve Young came out of BYU, and after some time in the USFL, started his NFL career with two seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before joining the San Francisco 49ers. At first he was a highly regarded backup before he got his chance and took the 49ers on a great run that included multiple Super Bowl rings. Here is a look at 10 fun facts about the touchdown passes of Steve Young.

-Steve Young threw 232 touchdown passes during his NFL career.

-The first 11 touchdown passes of Steve Young’s NFL career were thrown while with the Buccaneers.

-The first TD pass Steve Young threw in his NFL career was a 7 yarder to Calvin Magee in a Tampa Bay loss to the Minnesota Vikings. His first after joining the 49ers was 46 yarder to Jerry Rice in a loss to the Saints.

-Steve Young threw more TD passes against the Atlanta Falcons during his career, a total of 37, than he did against any other team in the NFL.

-The five players who caught the most touchdown passes from Steve Young were Jerry Rice with 85, Terrell Owens with 24, John Taylor with 23, Brent Jones with 22, and J.J. Stokes with 13.

-Steve Young threw four touchdown passes during his career that went for 80 yard scores or further. Two of those were caught by Jerry Rice, one by Garrison Hearst, and one by John Taylor. The longest of his career was a 97 yarder to John Taylor in a 1991 49ers loss to the Falcons.

-The final regular season touchdown pass of Steve Young’s career was a one yarder caught by Terrell Owens in a 1998 win over the Detroit Lions.

-Steve Young threw 20 touchdowns in the postseason during his career. Seven of those were caught by Jerry Rice.

-Of Steve Young’s 232 career TD passes, 133 were thrown at home and 99 were thrown in road games.

-Steve Young threw more TD passes in the 2nd quarter, a total of 81, than he threw in any other quarter of play. He also threw 58 in the first quarter, 44 in the third quarter, and 49 in the fourth quarter.

Who Is The San Diego Chargers Philip Rivers’ Favorite Receiver?

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Philip Rivers is a talented star quarterback in the entire National Football League. He has faced some ups and downs, but through it all has exhibited all of the traits that make a great quarterback. The San Diego Chargers are very lucky to have him.

In Philip Rivers first full season as the starting quarterback for the San Diego Chargers, he completed a very respectable 22 touchdown passes. He completed 21 the next year and then really lit it up with 34 TD throws in 2008. Then he threw 28 touchdown passes in 2009, again a very good year. He followed that with 30 TD passes in 2010, 27 in 2011, 26 in 2012, 32 in 2013, and 31 in 2014. This kind of thrower in the pocket makes it a lot easier on the running game too. He has been blessed with having some great receivers to work with as well. Who though has been his favorite receiver during his NFL career?

Through the 2014 NFL season, no player has caught more touchdown passes from Philip Rivers than tight end Antonio Gates. His 72 touchdown passes to Gates puts him 35 ahead of the number two name on that list, Vincent Jackson. The Chargers have had good seasons since Philip Rivers became the starting quarterback, but a lot of that credit should also go to the great receivers the team has had too. With Rivers and this arsenal of talented ball catchers, the Chargers should be a force to be reckoned with for quite sometime.

Is Vinny Testaverde An Underrated Quarterback

Vinny Testaverde, to some people, was thought of as a bust after his first couple of years in the NFL. He had come out of the University of Miami with high expectations and a Heisman Trophy to be the first player selected in the 1987 NFL Draft. He didn’t end up being the savior for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the team who drafted him though, he ended up spending time on the rosters of seven different teams.

Following a number of seasons in Tampa, Testaverde went on to play for the Browns, Ravens, Jets, Cowboys, Jets again, Patriots, and finally the Panthers. He never took his team to the Super Bowl, though he did get the Jets close. He was a very good mentor to younger quarterbacks later in his career and when it was all said and done he put together a 21 year career in the National Football League. Not many quarterbacks can say they have done that.

Along the way, Testaverde would also set a number of records as well as finish his career highly ranked in several all time categories.

Notable rankings for Vinny Testaverde’s career numbers:

1. Pass Completions
Testaverde completed 3,787 passes during his career, good enough for 7th place all time in NFL history. Some of the names of players that did not end up with as many completions as him: Fran Tarkenton, Joe Montana, and Dan Fouts.

2. Passing Yards
Passing yards is a popular way to gauge how good of a game, season, or career a quarterback had. Vinny Testaverde finished his career with 46,233 passing yards. This put him just behind Hall of Famers John Elway, Warren Moon, and Fran Tarkenton, and just ahead of Peyton Manning (who has since surpassed him), Dan Fouts, and Joe Montana.

3. Passing Touchdowns
At the time of his retirement, Vinny Testaverde sat in 8th place all time in the category of touchdown passes with 275. This placed him just behind John Elway and Johnny Unitas, but ahead of such notable names as Joe Montana, Dan Fouts, Jim Kelly, Steve Young, Terry Bradshaw, and Sonny Jurgensen.

Those are all very respectable numbers. In fact, in many ways those are all incredible numbers. Testaverde’s statistical success is due more to his incredible longevity than it is to his incredible talent, although he had to have great talent to play that long and rack up those numbers too. It would be hard to argue that Testaverde belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but fairly easy to argue that he was somewhat underrated during his career.

10 Fun Facts About The Touchdown Passes Of Joe Montana

Joe Montana is thought of by many to be the greatest quarterback ever in the NFL. A lot of arguments can be made for a lot of players in that regard but it is tough to argue against him. He led the 49ers for over a decade of dominance and left the game with multiple Super Bowl rings. Here is a look at 10 fun facts about the touchdown passes Joe Montana threw during his career.

-Joe Montana threw a total of 273 touchdown passes during his NFL career.

-Joe Montana threw 244 touchdown passes with the 49ers and then finished his career with 29 while playing for the Kansas City Chiefs.

-The most touchdown passes Joe Montana threw in one seaon was the 31 he threw in 1987.

-Joe Montana’s first career touchdown pass was a 16 yarder to Bob Bruer in a 1979 San Francisco loss to the Denver Broncos.

-Joe Montana threw touchdown passes to two players during his career who would go on to make it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame: Jerry Rice and Marcus Allen.

-Of his 273 career TD passes, Joe Montana threw 133 at home and 140 on the road.

-36 of Joe Montana’s regular season touchdown passes were thrown on Monday Night Football.

-Joe Montana threw touchdown passes to 36 different players during his career.

-Joe Montana threw three touchdown passes of 90 yards or more during his career. Two of them went to John Taylor and one to Jerry Rice.

-The five players who caught the most touchdown passes from Joe Montana during his career were Jerry Rice with 55, Dwight Clark with 41, Freddie Solomon with 29, and Roger Craig and John Taylor with 15 apiece.