The Best Rookie Quarterback The San Diego Chargers Have Every Had

Rookie quarterbacks come and go. Sometimes they are highly drafted prospects and sometimes they are undrafted free agents, plus there are a great many that fall in between. There is no real science to getting a great young quarterback because along with all the physical talent that is desired at the position, there is also a great deal of intelligence and luck needed too. Even the best of quarterbacks are known to struggle during their rookie seasons.

The San Diego Chargers have had a number of great quarterbacks over the year, but who has had the best rookie year at that position for the team?

Both Craig Whelihan and Dan Fouts were productive at quarterback during their rookie seasons, both throwing for more than 1,100 yards and reaching double digits in touchdowns, but only starting seven and six games, respectively. Billy Joe Tolliver sits just behind them having gone 89 of 185 for 1,097 yards and five touchdowns during his rookie season that included just five starts. When looking at just passing yardage, Ryan Leaf can be included in the group as he put up 1,289 yards his rookie season, but his two touchdown passes and 15 interceptions remove him from the running.

The best rookie quarterback performance over the full year for the Chargers belongs to one of the team’s legends, John Hadl. Hadl was drafted in 1962 and as a 22 year old rookie he would start ten games, complete 107 of 260 passes for 1,632 yards and 15 touchdowns. These aren’t Earth shattering numbers by any means, but they are pretty good. They are also the best numbers ever put up by a San Diego Chargers rookie quarterback.

The Five Best Rushing Seasons In Denver Broncos History

For most teams, especially teams that want to be successful, having a strong running game is very important. Running the ball gains yardage, eats time off the clock, and wears the opposing team down. Also, there are fewer things that can go wrong when running than can go wrong when passing too.

The Denver Broncos came into professional football in 1960 as a charter member of the American Football League. They have had an up and down existence, experiencing everything from being last in the league to being back to back Super Bowl champions. Their running backs have played a large role in this history too.

Here are the top five rushing seasons in Denver Broncos history:

#5 – Clinton Portis – 2002

2002 would see the Denver Broncos get off to 7-3 start before finishing the year with a record of 9-7. Portis had a great season that year, finishing with 273 carries for 1,508 yards and 15 touchdowns.

#4 – Terrell Davis – 1996

1996 saw the Broncos finish the season with a 13-3 record, only to lose in the first round of the playoffs to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Terrell Davis did very well, carrying the ball 345 times for 1,538 yards and 13 touchdowns.

#3 – Clinton Portis – 2003

In 2003, the Broncos went 10-6, finishing with four wins in the last five weeks of the season. They then lost to the Indianapolis Colts in the first week of the playoffs. Clinton Portis did his part too, rushing 290 times for 1,591 yards and 14 touchdowns.

#2 – Terrell Davis – 1997

The Broncos went 12-4 in 1997, then marched through the playoffs and defeated the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl. Terrell Davis had a great season that year, carrying the ball 369 times for 1,750 yards and 15 touchdowns.

#1 – Terrell Davis – 1998

In 1998, Denver was at one time 13-0 before finishing the season with a record of 14-2. They then made short work of the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets in the playoffs, before defeating the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl for the second victory in their back to back championship. Terrell Davis was a key part of their success that season, rushing 392 times for 2,008 yards and 21 touchdowns.

Five Fun Facts About Cincinnati Bengals All Time Great Boomer Esiason

Boomer Esiason played college football at the University of Maryland. He was drafted in the first round by the Cincinnati Bengals and went on to have a great career that included stops with the New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals. He even found his way back to Cincinnati before eventually retiring from the league.

Esiason will go down as one of the better quarterbacks the Cincinnati franchise has ever had. He is also known among teammates, opponents, and fans as one of the true nice guys in the sport. Here is a look at five interesting facts about Boomer Esiason.

#1 The first TD pass that Boomer Esiason ever threw in the National Football League came in the first quarter of a 20-14 loss to the New England Patriots in 1984. It went for 34 yards and was caught by M.L. Harris. His last touchdown pass ever was a 77 yarder to Darnay Scott in 1997.

#2 During his career, Esiason was somewhat of a slow starter when it came to touchdown passes. He threw 70 career touchdown passes in the second quarter, 63 in the third quarter, and 63 in the fourth quarter. In the first quarter he threw just 51.

#3 No player caught more of Boomer Esiason’s career TD passes than Bengals wide receiver Eddie Brown. During their time together as teammates, they hooked up 39 times for scores.

#4 He threw more touchdown passes against the Houston Oilers franchise during his career than he did against any other team in the league. 27 of his 247 career touchdown passes came against the Oilers.

#5 The third touchdown pass that Boomer threw in his career, and also the last of the three touchdown passes he would throw during his rookie season, was caught by a player who is now a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It was a third quarter score that tied up the game in an eventual win over the rival Cleveland Browns. It was caught by one of the all time greats, offensive lineman Anthony Munoz.

Who Did John Elway Throw More Touchdowns Against Than Any Other?

The Denver Broncos of the late 1980’s and through the 1990’s were one of the most formidable teams in the entire National Football League. They had a high scoring offense that could pick a defense apart and put up some serious points. The driving force behind that offense was the quarterback, John Elway.

John Elway eventually helped the team win back to back Super Bowl titles before he retired, but he was also effective throughout his entire career.

He was blessed with having some great talent on the roster for him to work with too during this time. Some of the many offensive weapons that he was able to use included Shannon Sharpe, Terrell Davis, Ed McCaffrey, Rod Smith, Vance Johnson, Mark Jackson, Anthony Miller, and Steve Watson.

With all these great players ready to catch the ball, and a good amount of talent, it is no wonder that he finished his career ranked at or near the top in many touchdown pass related categories. What team though did he throw the most touchdown passes against?

Elway’s Broncos played in the old AFC West, which meant that most of their games were against division foes the Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers, and Seattle Seahawks. During his career he threw 44 touchdown passes in games against the Seahawks, more than he threw against any other team in the league. In second place on that list is the San Diego Chargers who gave up 38 touchdown passes to Elway.

Five Fun Facts About Dallas Cowboys Great Roger Staubach

Roger Staubach is one of the most popular players ever to wear a Dallas Cowboys uniform. He was drafted by the Cowboys in 1964, but because of a commitment to the United States Navy, he wouldn’t join the team full time until the late 1960’s. He was an instrumental part of the evolution of the team from the struggling expansion team of the 1960’s into America’s Team in the 1970’s.

He played a big part in all of the Cowboys success during the decade, including helping them get to multiple Super Bowls. He threw a lot of big passes, some going for some of the most important scores in team history. Here is a look at five interesting facts about the touchdown passes of Roger Staubach.

#1 Roger Staubach threw more touchdown passes against the New York Giants than he did against any other team in the league. He threw for 24 touchdowns against the Giants, just one more than he did against the second place team on that list, the St. Louis Cardinals.

#2 Staubach was a slow starter during his career when it came to throwing touchdown passes. He threw 56 touchdown passes in the second quarter, 35 in the third, 37 in the fourth, and one in overtime. However, he threw just 24 in the first quarter of play.

#3 Two players tied for the honor of catching the most touchdown passes from Roger Staubach. During their careers, both Billy Joe DuPree and Drew Pearson caught 27 touchdown passes thrown their way by Staubach. That is almost twice as many as the next person on the list.

#4 During his career, Staubach completed three touchdown passes to players who would eventually end up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame: Bob Hayes (11), Lance Alworth (1), and Tony Dorsett (4).

#5 Staubach’s first career touchdown pass came in the first game of the 1969 season. It happened in the first quarter of a 24-3 win over the Cardinals. It was thrown for 75 yards and was caught by Lance Rentzel.

Five Things You Might Not Know About Matt Hasselbeck Of The Seattle Seahawks

Longtime Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck spent the early part of his career as the backup to Brett Favre in Green Bay. This time spent watching one of the all time greats paid off and after being acquired by the Seahawks, he jumped right into the starting quarterback role and proved to be one of the best quarterbacks the team had ever had. He even led them, with the help of running back Shaun Alexander and the rest, to the Super Bowl following the 2005 season. He has been a part of some of the Seahawks’ biggest games and made some great plays. Here is a look at five things you may not know about Matt Hasselbeck.

#1 Matt Hasselbeck threw more touchdown passes against the San Francisco 49ers, a total of 27, than he threw against any other team in the league.

#2 Matt Hasselbeck’s most successful quarter of play has by far been the second quarter. He threw 203 touchdown passes in the NFL. 39 of those have come in the first quarter, 38 in the third quarter, and 35 in the fourth quarter. It is in the second quarter though where he has thrown nearly 41% of his touchdown passes, putting up a total of 81.

#3 No player has caught more touchdown passes from Hasselbeck than the 33 that wide receiver Darrell Jackson hauled in over his career.

#4 Matt Hasselbeck started his career out with two total touchdown passes with the Green Bay Packers. He ended his career with two total touchdown passes thrown while playing for the Indianapolis Colts. In between, he threw 174 for the Seahawks and 25 for the Titans.

#5 Matt Hasselbeck’s first touchdown pass as a member of the Seattle Seahawks would come in a week six loss to the Miami Dolphins. It came in the second quarter, went for 15 yards, and was caught by Itula Mili.

Five Fun Facts About Sam Bradford Being Traded From The Eagles To The Vikings

With the recent trade of quarterback Sam Bradford from the Eagles to the Vikings, we thought it’d be a nice time to look at some fun facts about the whole situation.

-Sam Bradford wore jersey number 7 with the Philadelphia Eagles. If he keeps that number, he’ll join another former Eagles quarterback who wore number 7 for the Vikings. Randall Cunningham wore jersey number 7 in Minnesota from 1997 to 1999.

-Sam Bradford will now join other quarterbacks who have played for both the Eagles and Vikings during their career, including: Randall Cunningham, Donovan McNabb, Jim McMahon, Norm Snead, Jay Fiedler, and Bubby Brister.

-The last time the Eagles traded a quarterback to the Vikings was in 2007. That year, on August 27th, they traded Kelly Holcomb to Minnesota for an undisclosed draft pick.

-How has Sam Bradford done against the Vikings before joining them? He only went up against Minnesota once, while with the Rams in his third season in the league in 2012, and the result was a 36-22 Vikings win. In the game, Bradford completed 35 of 55 passes for 377 yards, three touchdowns, and one interception. Of note in this game, Vikings kicker Blair Walsh made five field goals total including three from beyond 50 yards. Adrian Peterson also scored that day on an 82 yard run.

-Sam Bradford will now join a Vikings backfield containing the great Adrian Peterson. Both of these players are products of the University of Oklahoma. Peterson played for the Sooners from 2004 to 2006 and Bradford suited up for Oklahoma from 2006 to 2009. 2006 was the only season they were on the team together, though Bradford was not the starting quarterback that year.

Five Fun Facts About Buffalo Bills Great Jim Kelly

Jim Kelly is definitely one of the NFL‘s all time great quarterbacks. He helped lead the Buffalo Bills to four straight Super Bowls in the early 1990’s, and though the team did not win any of them, that accomplishment alone is worthy of a great deal of recognition.

Kelly was a fan favorite in Buffalo, and deservedly so. Here is a look at five interesting facts about this great NFL quarterback and a true Buffalo Bills legend.

#1 – 3,000 Yard Seasons, Not A Problem

Jim Kelly was able to accumulate eight 3,000 yard passing seasons during his career in Buffalo. Through the 2009 season, the Bills as a franchise have only had thirteen 3,000 yard passing seasons in their history. The other five were done by Joe Ferguson (twice), Doug Flutie, Drew Bledsoe, and J.P. Losman.

#2 – Bring On The Jets!

The New York Jets gave up 33 touchdown passes to Jim Kelly during his career. This is more than he threw against any other team in the league.

#3 – Hey Andre, Go Deep!

With 65 touchdown receptions thrown to him from number twelve, Andre Reed caught more of Jim Kelly’s touchdown passes than any other player in the league.

#4 – Double Hall Of Famer

Jim Kelly was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2002. He had also been previously inducted into the University of Miami Hall of Fame in 1992.

#5 – Cranking It Up Before The Half

Kelly threw more touchdown passes in the second quarter of the games he played in, a total of 74, than he did in any other quarter of play.

The Favorite Receivers Of The Great Miami Dolphins Quarterback Bob Griese

Bob Griese was a very successful quarterback in the National Football League. He was the quarterback for the team dating back to the late 1960’s, including shouldering some of the responsibility for the team that went undefeated in 1972, right up until the early 1980’s. Over the years, Griese played in some of the biggest games in team history. Thankfully, for Dolphins fans, he was more often than not successful in those big moments too.

There were a lot of great players on both sides of the ball that helped Griese and the Dolphins achieve some of their great heights. The Miami Dolphins of the 1970’s really epitomized the team football concept. Griese was a huge part of that team and his passing made the difference in many games. At a time when many teams were just discovering the concept of a wide open passing game, Bob Griese and the Dolphins were using a great running game to set up a deep throwing game plan that other teams would eventually emulate. Who though were Bob Griese’s favorite receivers during his career?

Here are the top five favorite touchdown pass targets for Bob Griese.

#1 – Nat Moore (33)

#2 – Paul Warfield (29)

#3 – Jim Mandich (21)

#4 – Howard Twilley (17)

#5 – Karl Noonan (16)

It’s true that Bob Griese had an excellent career, but a lot of his accolades are also due to the fact that he had some great players catching passes from him too.

Who Were The Favorite Receivers Of New Orleans Saints Great Archie Manning?

To most younger football fans, Archie Manning is known primarily as the father of current National Football League quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Eli Manning. During his day though, Archie was a very skilled and highly thought of quarterback himself. He didn’t end up with championships or Super Bowl rings like both Peyton and Eli have, but he was always one of the more exciting quarterbacks in the league when he was playing.

Archie Manning played most of his career with the New Orleans Saints during the 1970’s and early 1980’s. While the team was sometimes exciting and almost always entertaining, they were not always incredibly competitive. This was mainly due to the fact that other than Manning, the team did not have very many players on its roster who rose to the level of great. Despite this, Manning made numerous great plays and led the team to a number of impressive wins. Fans often wonder what could have been had they surrounded him with more talent or had he played on another team.

Who though were Archie Manning’s favorite receivers during his NFL career? Here are the top five receivers that he threw the most touchdown passes to:

Henry Childs – 20

Wes Chandler – 13

Ike Harris – 12

Danny Abramowicz – 10

Dave Parks – 8

Manning threw 115 of his 125 career touchdown passes as a member of the Saints, he also threw eight with the Houston Oilers and then two with the Minnesota Vikings. His legacy is more than just Peyton and Eli, he was a heck of a quarterback himself.