Articles from September 2007

3-0 And Notable

The Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots are both 3-0, undefeated in this young season.  That is not much of an eyebrow raiser at all, but there are three other 3-0 teams: The Dallas Cowboys For a team that was thought to be in the middle of the pack by a lot of people […]

Would Philly Fans Still Be Rooting For The Yellow Jackets?

Would Philly Fans Still Be Rooting For The Yellow Jackets? From the world of what could’ve been, here comes the story of the Frankford Yellow Jackets. The Jackets were the original Philadelphia franchise in the NFL. Due to financial problems, the team went bankrupt shortly into their existence. Later on, the NFL granted a new […]

Peyton Manning’s Incredible 2004 Season

It’s been a few years removed now, so it’s time to look back at Peyton Manning’s incredible 2004 season. Peyton Manning, and the entire Indianapolis Colts team, has always been a stat machine. But, 2004 would be a season that would go off the charts as far as statistical accomplishments are concerned. The eye-opener and […]

NFL Misconceptions? Really?

We’ve just finished week two of the 2007 season, let’s look at a few misconceptions, or just interesting facts, regarding the NFL. Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints have a dynamic offense that can score at will. Really? Through the first two games, the Saints have two offensive touchdowns. In fact, stretching back to […]

Kickoff Return Futility For Tampa Bay

Kickoff Return Futility For Tampa Bay Picture yourself a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan, the excitement of the opening kickoff is approaching and you could care less. Why? Here’s a statistical oddity, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from the time of their first game in 1976 through the 2006 season have never returned a kickoff for a […]

Sneak Peak At New England Patriots New Sponsors – Shhh!

Inside sources with the New England Patriots have let it slip that the Patriots are turning lemons into lemonade concerning their recent violation of NFL rules. While there is apparently no truth to the rumors that head coach Bill Belichick is changing his name to Beliflick, the news of new team sponsors has leaked out […]

The 1975 Miami Dolphin Evacuation

In 1975, just three seasons removed from their perfect season, the Miami Dolphins lost three star players to the rival World Football League. The World Football League (WFL) started in 1974 and had experienced serious financial difficulties. Before the start of their second season, the Memphis Southmen of the WFL signed Dolphins players Larry Csonka, […]

The Raiders’ Debt To The Vikings, Chargers, And Bills

The Raiders Debt To The Vikings, Chargers, and Bills Most Raiders fans don’t know it, but they owe a debt of gratitude to three franchises in the NFL. Without the Minnesota Vikings, San Diego Chargers, and Buffalo Bills, the Raiders may not even exist right now. In 1960, the owners of the Minnesota AFL franchise […]

Team Names – A Question Of Identity

A Question of Identity What’s in a name? Its interesting tracking the name changes of professional football franchises, and its not entirely uncommon for a team to change names. Name changes can happen for a variety of reasons, most notably because of a change in venue. The New York Jets were originally the New York […]

Three Randy Moss Facts

The first game of the year and Randy Moss, quiet for much of his two years in Oakland, appears to be back to the Randy Moss of old. It was against the New York Jets, so we may not want to read too much into it – but an impressive game for Mr. Moss anyway. […]