Articles from October 2007

Ugly, Ugly, Ugly, Ugly Uniforms

Trends affect many things in life and sports is no different. Most uniform design can be labeled in one of three categories: 1. Old School (think Penn State football), 2. Modern/Edgy (think Atlanta Falcons football), and 3. Ridiculous. But, what are some examples of that third category, ridiculous? Here’s a great article on the six […]

Bert Jones – What Could’ve Been

Bert Jones, What Could’ve Been Every now and then in any walk of life you come across someone who you wonder, if things had gone a little differently what kind of impact could they have made. Former Louisiana State University and Baltimore Colts quarterback Bert Jones is just that kind of person. In college, Bert […]

Tom Brady And Peyton Manning… There They Go Again!

Due to their amazing success, both in wins and stats, and the fact that they appear to be in their prime at roughly the same time, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning seem destined to always be tied together. Sunday, October 28th, 2007 saw both Manning and Brady win their games becoming the first quarterbacks to […]

The NFL Goes Global

The NFL played its first regular season game outside of the United States today when the New York Giants defeated the winless Miami Dolphins in London, England. The first regular season game played outside the USA? That opens up a whole bunch of new trivia! First team to win a regular season game outside of […]

The Year Tom Brady Was Drafted

One of the common stories concerning Tom Brady is that the New England Patriots were able to get this future Super Bowl MVP in the sixth round of the NFL Draft taking him with the 199th pick. While it is obvious now that the pick was a steal… what other team wouldn’t love to have […]

One Of Morten Andersen’s Amazing Achievements

One of the more amazing scoring records is held by Kicker Morten Andersen. Andersen was a Kicker for the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons, among others later in his career. Because of his success and his longevity with both teams, at the time of his retirement from the NFL he was the all-time leading […]

Matt Ryan Reminds Us Of Another Boston College Quarterback

With all the sudden attention and hype focused on Matt Ryan, the quarterback for the Boston College Eagles, it reminds us that there was once another Boston College quarterback who made a name for himself. Doug Flutie, that’s right… what made him famous again? Oh, that’s right… his pass to Gerard Phelan beat the (at […]

Joe Montana And The Kansas City Chiefs

Joe Montana, the legendary San Francisco 49ers quarterback who had led the team to four Super Bowl victories had missed the entire 1991 NFL season due to injuries. To add to this, he also missed the majority of the 1992 season with injury problems and essentially lost his starting quarterback job to teammate Steve Young. […]

Any Current Coaches Bound For The Hall-of-Fame?

We recently posted about coaches who made it to the Hall-of-Fame and were only the head coach of one team for their entire career. Are there any coaches on the landscape right now that may qualify for this? Bill Cowher – Pittsburgh Steelers 1993-2006 If Bill Cowher stays retired and doesn’t re-enter the head coaching […]

Chiefs And Rams, Win The Title And Then They Scram

Usually a professional franchise of any kind will only relocate to a new city because of a few factors. Poor stadium, lack of fan interest, better offer by a new city, are all situations in which pro teams have chose to relocate their franchise. Two NFL moves stand out in history, more for their timing […]