Articles from December 2007

Rival Leagues Of The NFL

Rival Leagues of the NFL The National Football League is far and away the king when it comes to professional football. The popularity of the NFL has grown immensely in recent years, but it has been the main force in pro football since the 1920s. Every so often, a rival league will form to challenge […]

Tony Romo: Cowboy Record Breaker

During the 2007 season, Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo would break the team’s single season touchdown record for quarterbacks. Dallas has a pair of quarterbacks in their past that were quite effective, put up many winning seasons, won multiple Super Bowl championships, and made it into the Pro Football Hall-of-Fame; Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman. […]

Patient Ownership: A Thing Of The Past

Patient Ownership: A Thing Of The Past In today’s hire-and-fire world of pro football it is rare to see a head coach suffer through too many sub .500 seasons without being shown the door. Sometimes it makes you wonder what that coach could’ve developed into or accomplished with that team if the ownership had exhibited […]

Politics Mixed With Humor!

If you are interested in some political entertainment, check out formykountry. A great read with some great humorous looks at politics in general, and conservative issues specifically. Check out the post related to the political lessons we can gain from playing X-Box! In times like we are in today, it is nice to see serioius […]

Let’s Look At Jeff Garcia

Let’s Look At Jeff Garcia – No Respect Now and then there are players, though they may not be the greatest players in the league, they are consistent and put up good numbers while experiencing at least a decent amount of success. Some of these players, though moderately successful, end up seeming to not get […]

The Accomplishments Of Bill Parcells

The Accomplishments of Bill Parcells Bill Parcells has proven himself to be one of the best NFL head coaches of his era. Rising up through the ranks as a much-traveled and longtime college assistant before getting his chance with the New York Giants, Parcells went on to experience success at each of his coaching stops […]

Five Heisman Winners Drafted By The Saints?

New Orleans Saints fans… want to win some bets with your team’s trivia? Make this statement to someone: “The Saints have drafted five Heisman Trophy winners in their history.” No matter how much they research, they will only come up with four names; George Rogers (1982), Danny Wuerffel (1997), Ricky Williams (1998), and Reggie Bush […]

The Buccaneers Finally Get One!

They’ve been to a couple NFC Championship games… they’ve even won a Super Bowl Championship… but, the Bucs today finally got something they hadn’t had in their entire history. After 32 years in the league, Tampa Bay has finally returned a kickoff for a touchdown. It is a special play that doesn’t happen all the […]

That Punky QB’s Headbands

We can’t answer every question we get, but “John” sent us a good one: “Question, What did McMahon and Payton write on their white headbands? I know that Rozelle was one and Pluto was on another. Were there any other ones?” It all started when Bears quarterback Jim McMahon was shown on television while on […]

Changing Head Coaches In The Middle Of The Season

With the recent resignation of Bobby Petrino as head coach of the Atlanta Falcons (and his replacement by longtime assistant Emmitt Thomas), let’s take a look at teams that replace coaches in mid-season. As opposed to baseball, basketball, and hockey… it is somewhat unusual for an NFL team to change coaches during the season. This […]