Articles from January 2008

Little Known Facts: Tom Brady

Much is known about Tom Brady. Multiple Super Bowl championships, tons of individual awards, and a great teammate. Here are some of the lesser known facts about this great quarterback: In 1995, Tom Brady was drafted in the 18th round of the Major League Baseball Draft by the Montreal Expos. When Tom Brady came to […]

IQFB Profile: Robert Kraft

The New England Patriots have become one of the most successful franchises in National Football League history. This was not always the case as in the thirty four years the team existed before being purchased by Robert Kraft in 1994 the most wins they had accumulated was eleven. Since Kraft’s purchase of the team, they […]

The NFL’s Defunct Franchises

Defunct NFL Franchises We think of professional sports especially the NFL as highly stable businesses, and in modern times that’s correct. But, there was a time when buying an NFL franchise wasn’t a guarantee that you’d still be in business even a few years down the road. Here is a list of NFL teams that […]

What To Bring For A Successful Tailgate Party

What To Bring For A Successful Tailgate Party Whether you’re attending a football game or any other sporting event, tailgating is fast becoming an American pastime. Here are __ steps to a successful tailgater party. What to bring: Tarps, ropes, bungee cords, tables & chairs, table cloths The cooking apparatus of your choice: BBQ Grill […]

Stability At Quarterback Goes A Long Ways In The NFL

Stability at the position of quarterback has always been one of the cornerstones of a successful football team. We had a question asked recently, what team has gone the most consecutive years having a different starting quarterback each year. We did some research and here is that list, we chose to cover teams that went […]

Which Team Makes The Most Out Of Their Postseason Appearances?

Which Team Makes The Most Out Of It’s Post Season Appearance? Here’s an interesting stat… which team makes the most out of its playoff appearances? Coaches will tell you that there is only one reason to play the game… to win, more specifically to win championships. The Green Bay Packers have the most NFL Championships […]

IQFB Profile: Ernie Holmes

Ernie Holmes was an integral member of the 1970’s Pittsburgh Steelers Steel Curtain Defense. He played on the defensive line alongside all-time greats Mean Joe Greene, L.C. Greenwood, and Dwight White for six seasons, from 1972-1977. Holmes was known as a wild man, shocking the public with everything from having a large arrow shaved in […]

Jerry Rice’s Statistical Dominance

Jerry Rice’s Statistical Dominance There is no question that Jerry Rice was one of the best football players, not just wide receivers, to ever play the game. When Rice retired after his long career with the San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, and Seattle Seahawks; he held almost every known receiving record in the NFL. But, […]

Wildcard Teams That Have Won The Super Bowl

Wild Card Teams That Have Won The Super Bowl The Super Bowl winner is supposedly the best team in the NFL that year. Well, then how can the Super Bowl winner be the best team if it couldn’t even win their own division? The current NFL playoff system allows for all the division winners to […]

Resurrecting The Baltimore Colts

Resurrecting the Baltimore Colts Most people are aware of the history of the Baltimore Colts franchise. The moving of the Colts to Indianapolis in 1984 still lingers in the hearts of old school Baltimore football fans. If history has anything to say, the Baltimore Colts will rise again… or at least the name will. The […]