Articles from April 2008

No Wide Receivers In The First Round Of The 2008 NFL Draft?

One thing that was mentioned during this past 2008 NFL Draft, but didn’t get a ton of attention was the fact that not one wide receiver was drafted in the first round. With a premium on offensive players, usually there are some high profile wide receivers that get drafted early on. It wasn’t until the […]

NFL Cheerleader Selection – Important Business For The Vikings

Here is a funny article from a recent visit to the Minneapolis Star Tribune website. It’s actually a quite harmless article, but the first sentence struck me as hilarious. “With the NFL draft behind them, the next item of business for the Minnesota Vikings is selecting the team’s cheerleading squad for the 2008 season.” Well, […]

The Worst Draft Picks Of The Past Twenty Years

With the 2008 NFL Draft over and done with, we’re taking a look back at the worst draft picks of the past twenty years. Since it is way too early to judge this year’s draft, we’ll look at 1988 through 2007. We’re going on a pick-by-pick basis here so, who do you think is the […]

The Top Ten Colleges Based On The NFL Draft

With the help of a great NFL draft resource, here is a look at the top ten colleges based on how many players they’ve had selected through the NFL draft. While this is not a perfect way to analyze the successfulness of a college program, it is a good way to analyze which colleges help […]

A Great Source For Information On The NFL Draft

You know how we at IQFB love trivia and little known facts about football. The NFL Draft is coming up shortly and it is one of the most looked forward to events for any NFL fan. The opportunity to find out what direction your team or your main rival is going in is one of […]

Miami Dolphins Make Jake Long The Number One Pick

The NFL Draft is still a few days away and we already know who the first pick will be. The Miami Dolphins have reached agreement with University of Michigan Offensive Tackle Jake Long. Bill Parcells is now heading football operations down in Miami, so this pick shouldn’t surprise too many people. Let’s look at draft […]

The Bad Luck Of Kelly Holcomb

The Bad Luck Of Kelly Holcomb Kelly Holcomb, although spending most of his career as a second string quarterback, has had a number of shining moments as a starter in the NFL. Playing for the Browns against the Steelers in 2003, Holcomb became just the third player ever in the NFL to throw for over […]

Looking Back At The 1998 NFL Draft

The 2008 NFL Draft is coming up in a few days. Let’s look back at the NFL Draft from one decade ago, here are some highlights of the 1998 NFL Draft. 1st Overall Pick, Peyton Manning – Quarterback Manning has definitely lived up to his billing coming out of college. Always among the league leaders […]

Little Known Facts About The NFL Draft

In getting ready for the NFL Draft arriving soon on this coming weekend, all week long IQFB will bring you their famous Little Known Facts about different aspects of the NFL Draft. Today, we start with Little Known Facts About The NFL Draft itself: The NFL Draft has been held in New York City since […]

The NFL Draft Is Coming – Look For IQFB’s Special Coverage

The NFL Draft is coming soon (April 26th & 27th), this is the focal point of any NFL fan during the spring. will be giving it the special in-depth coverage that only we can, with a look at the trivia side of the NFL Draft. Pick-by-pick in the first round we will point out […]