Articles from September 2008

The Oakland Raiders All-Time Leaders In Touchdown Passes

The Oakland Raiders, though they’ve fallen on hard times recently, are one of the more successful franchises in National Football League history.  The Raiders have been known as a team that loves to stretch the field with their passing game.  Who are the top ten touchdown passers in Raiders history? 1.  Ken Stabler (1970-79) – […]

Oregon State Upsets Number One Ranked USC

By now, everyone knows that the number one ranked college football team in the country was upset a couple of days ago. Oregon State University defeated the USC Trojans 33-31 in a huge stunner. Now the college football world is upside down with a few teams poised to try and make a move to be […]

What Original AFL Franchise Is The Most Successful?

We recently received a great question from Brad in Massachusetts. He asked what franchise, of all the franchises that were part of the old American Football League (AFL), has gone on to experience the most success. Success is a subjective term that means different things to different people. All of the following information is based […]

Repeat Super Bowl Winners And How That Second Season Went For Them

The Giants are 3-0 to start of this young season. What is significant about that? They are only the 5th Super Bowl winning team to start the next season out at 3-0. That brings up a question, there have been a few repeat Super Bowl championships in the history of the NFL, how did those […]

Trent Green Back In The Saddle For The St. Louis Rams

Trent Green has been named the starting quarterback of the St. Louis Rams. Why does that sound familiar? The year was 1999 and head coach Dick Vermeil had been having trouble getting the Rams to win games after he had spent 15 years in the broadcaster booth. In 1997, the Rams had posted a record […]

Little Known Facts About Raiders Head Coach (For Now) Lane Kiffin

One of the biggest stories in the NFL so far during this young season has been the constant speculation on whether or not Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders will be firing their young head coach, Lane Kiffin. Kiffin led the Raiders to a disappointing 4-12 record in his first year as head coach, but […]

The Super Bowl Winning Head Coach With The Worst Career Win-Loss Record

The fact we have for you today centers around coaching and Super Bowl victories. The question is of all the NFL head coaches that have won a Super Bowl, who has the lowest win-loss percentage? To be a Super Bowl winning coach, a coach has to not only be exceptional at their job but they […]

The Top Ten Craziest High School Mascots In The Country

This one is so great that I wish I had thought of it myself. Here is a link to a post about the top ten strangest high school nicknames in the country. You need to check these out, some are just classic. My personal favorite is the Fluvanna County Flying Flucos. Is your high school […]

Through The Years: The Quarterbacks Of The Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are known around the NFL as “America’s Team”. They have had their ups and downs as a franchise, but overall have been one of the more successful teams in league history. The quarterback position of the Dallas Cowboys has always been a position that has drawn a lot of attention. That was […]

Some Of The Players USC Has Sent Into The NFL

The University of Southern California is currently ranked number one in the nation in college football and they are one of the most storied college football programs in the country’s history. They always seem to be in the news every year, making headlines with their incredible on field performances. So here is a look at […]