Articles from October 2008

Video: Reggie Bush Takes On The Minnesota Vikings Special Teams

During week 5 of the 2008 NFL season, the Minnesota Vikings‘ special teams unit had a tough time punting to Reggie Bush, as evidenced below. Reggie Bush is definitely a game changer, he so far has not proven himself to be an every down running back, but with punt returns like those he doesn’t have […]

The Career Running Back Leaders Of The Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins came into the NFL in 1932 and have a long list of great running backs. Over the years the team has experienced a great deal of success, and much of it was due to the strength of the offensive line and the running backs that ran through the holes opened up by […]

What Player Has Led The League In Rushing The Most Consecutive Years?

Another great question coming in from an IQFB reader. This time Marla from New York asks what player has led the league in rushing the most consecutive years. This question, as opposed to some that we get, is actually an easy one to answer. There are a few players who have led the league in […]

Who Holds The Record For Most Touchdowns By Someone Born Outside The USA?

Here is a great question we recently received from Mike in Florida. Mike asks: Who has scored the most touchdowns of any player born outside of the United States? What a great question! The player that has the most touchdowns of any player born outside of the USA is Steve Van Buren. Van Buren was […]

Who Is The Rushing Leader For Players Who’ve Only Played One Game?

A few weeks ago we took a look at former Chicago Bears quarterback Steve Bradley who holds the distinction as being the career leader in touchdown passes for players who only played in one game during their entire career. That got us to thinking, what player is the career rushing leader for players that only […]

The Career Running Back Leaders Of The Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers came into the NFL as an expansion team for the 1995 season. They had their fair share of immediate success before falling on troubled times for a period of time. Which Carolina Panthers running backs though ended up on top of the team’s career rushing leaders lists in various categories? Rushing Yards […]

Let’s Look At: Mike Smith

We took a look at first year head coach John Harbaugh last week, so we though to be fair we’d tackle first year head coach Mike Smith this week. Mike Smith was named the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons following a turbulent year when the Falcons’ starting quarterback would be sentenced to jail and […]

Great Facts About Some Yearly Scoring Leaders

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s look at players who have led the league in scoring in consecutive years, we’d like to point out some interesting facts regarding players who have led the league in scoring. The oldest player to lead the league in scoring was George Blanda who at the age of 40 scored […]

Leading The League In Scoring In Consecutive Seasons

Year in and year out, the NFL scoring leader is most often a kicker. It stands to reason as a kicker has more opportunities to score during a football game. In fact in the 28 seasons from 1980 through 2007, kickers led the league in scoring 20 times. A true oddity in the history of […]

Let’s Look At: John Harbaugh

John Harbaugh is the first year coach of the Baltimore Ravens. As a new head coach in the NFL there is little known about John Harbaugh though he has been an assistant coach at many levels for many years. So, let’s take a look at the new head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, John Harbaugh. […]