Articles from January 2009

Ranking Quarterbacks With Multiple Super Bowl Starts

*Though this article was written before 2009’s Super Bowl XLIII featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the Arizona Cardinals, it has been edited to reflect the results of that game. There are few higher points a professional quarterback can reach than starting in a Super Bowl. Many feel that it is a once in a lifetime […]

The Shortest Interception Return That Ended Up Being The Longest In A Season

Most of the time when we think of the longest interception of the year we picture someone grabbing a pass out of the air and returning it from goal line to goal line for a touchdown. Not all interceptions take place that way though. Sometimes, even the longest interception of the year, isn’t near as […]

Ask IQFB – Houston Gamblers Question

We recently had an excellent question submitted by Robert who has a bet with a friend regarding what the name of the cheerleaders for the Houston Gamblers was. Robert says it was the Poker Chips and has a case of pop riding on it with his friend. Well Robert, I’m sad to say that it […]

Interesting Facts About Former NFL Quarterback Craig Morton

Craig Morton had an interesting career as an NFL quarterback. He is most widely known as the quarterback of the 1977 Denver Broncos who lost the Super Bowl to the Dallas Cowboys. Here are a few interesting facts about Craig Morton. -Craig Morton is the only player in the history of the NFL to start […]

Career NFL Touchdown Leaders By State

An interesting way to track touchdown record holders is to do it by state. What players have scored more touchdowns than anyone else from their state? This is all about local bragging rights. Here is a look at some interesting facts regarding touchdown leaders by state. -No player in NFL history has scored more touchdowns […]

300+ Interception Return Yards In A Season

Its one thing to intercept a pass, but quite another to get some serious return yardage out of it. Only four people in the history of the league have managed to accumulate more than 300 yards in interception return yardage. 1949 – Don Doll – Detroit Lions – 301 Yards 1961 – Charlie McNeil – […]

John Matuszak In The Movies

John Matuszak was a longtime NFL defensive end, most famously playing for the 1970s Oakland Raiders teams. Matuszak also spent time on the rosters of the Houston Oilers and Kansas City Chiefs. He retired from the game at the age of 31 and immediately began his second career as an actor. He would pass away […]

What Former Military Academy Football Player Has Played In The Most NFL Games?

What Former Military Academy Footballer Played In The Most NFL Games? Here is a great question that came in to the AskIQFB email box from Phil in Las Vegas, Nevada. A couple of months ago we wrote about the pro football player who scored more NFL touchdowns than any other player who played college football […]

Looking At Players Born On New Year’s Day

Happy New Year Everyone! As you recover from the New Year’s Eve festivities, we at are going to take a look at the many former pro football players born on New Year’s Day. There are indeed some unique football facts related to these gentlemen. -Doak Walker, the Hall of Fame halfback of the early […]