Articles from July 2009

Who Has Made The Most Pro Bowls As A Carolina Panther?

The Carolina Panthers began play in 1995, so they are still one of the newer teams in the league. Which player has made the most Pro Bowls for the team in their short history? The answer is a tie, both tight end Wesley Walls (1996,1997,1998,1999, 2001) and kick returner Michael Bates (1996,1997,1998,1999, and 2000) were […]

Players Sent To The NFL From The University Of Nevada-Reno

The University of Nevada-Reno is one of the better small schools when it comes to intercollegiate athletics in the country. Over the years, the university has sent more than forty players into the National Football League and many of them have excelled at a high level. Here is a look at some interesting facts regarding […]

What Teams Do The Arizona Cardinals Have Figured Out?

The Arizona Cardinals surprised a great many people by making it all the way to the Super Bowl following the 2008 season. They have nothing to be ashamed about, losing the big game to the Pittsburgh Steelers… especially how it ended. Despite this recent success, the Cardinals are one of the more unsuccessful franchises in […]

When Are The Chicago Bears Going To Figure Out This Forward Pass Thing?

The Chicago Bears have been around since they were the Decatur Staleys of the APFA in 1920. Through the years, the team has put together some of the most fearsome defenses of all time. The Bears have also had their share of great running backs too. How about their passing game though? The all time […]

Arkansas Razorbacks Who Have Gone On To Play In The NFL

One of the more legendary college football programs of all time is run by the University of Arkansas. The school has sent over 190 players into the NFL and many of these former Arkansas Razorbacks football players have gone on to become legends in the game. Here is a look at some interesting facts regarding […]

Bo Jackson: In The Movies

Few athletes can lay a claim to even approaching the popularity that Bo Jackson achieved during the late 1980s and early 1990s. The star athlete excelled on both the football and baseball fields and hist two-sport superstardom took the world by storm. Soon there were “Bo Knows…” this and “Bo Knows…” that commercials and advertisements […]

Born On The Fourth Of July – The Football Edition

Born On The Fourth Of July – The Football Edition Happy 4th Of July!!!!!!!!!!!! Many football players throughout history have been described as explosive. Something else that can be described as explosive is the Fourth of July. It stands to reason that many players born on this most explosive day in American history also play […]

Some Of The Players That The Colorado State Rams Have Sent To The NFL

Many football fans wouldn’t think it, but Colorado State University has had quite a successful history in college football. In fact, the school has sent more than 90 players into the NFL and many of them have gone on to become stars in the league. Here is a look at some interesting facts surrounding the […]