An Interesting Fact About Brett Favre Going Over 70,000 Career Passing Yards

In Monday Night Football on October 11th, 2010, Brett Favre passed the 70,000 career passing yard milestone. Who did he join in that club? No one. He is the only quarterback in history to have gone over 70,000 yards passing in their career. In second place on the list is Dan Marino who threw for 61,361 yards during his career with the Miami Dolphins.

Here is another way of looking at Favre going over this milestone that puts it into perspective.

Half of 70,000 is 35,000 and in the entire history of the NFL only 15 players have ever thrown for 35,000 or more yards (through 10/11/2010).

Yes, that’s right… only 14 players have thrown for at least half as many yards as Favre has during his career.

Pretty impressive.

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