Sunday Night Football Trivia – New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins – 9/26/2010

Tonight’s Sunday Night Football game features the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins. These two teams have a long history together, having played a number of important or at least very competitive games. Here is some quick trivia bits about the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins history together.

Two Streaks
In recent years, both teams have had winning streaks against the other. From 2006 to 2008, the Jets won five straight games against the Dolphins. From then until now though, the Dolphins have so far put together a winning streak of three straight games against the Jets.

The Most Points
The most total points scored ever in a Jets vs. Dolphins game is 96. This happened on September 21st, 1986 when New York defeated Miami by the score of 51-45. The highest score by one team in the history of these contests is 52 points, and this was done in a 1995 win by the Dolphins.

Biggest Games By Jets Players Against The Dolphins
Passing Yards – Ken O’Brien – 479 Yards – 1986
Rushing Yards – Freeman McNeil – 173 Yards – 1985
Receiving Yards – Wesley Walker – 194 Yards – 1986

Biggest Games By Dolphins Players Against The Jets
Passing Yards – Dan Marino – 521 Yards – 1988
Rushing Yards – Lamar Smith – 155 Yards – 2000
Receiving Yards – Mark Duper – 217 Yards – 1985

Two Total Points
There has only been one successful two point conversion made in the history of Dolphins vs. Jets games. This happened in 2008 in a 24-17 Miami win when Jets quarterback Brett Favre connected with receiver Jerricho Cotchery.

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