Articles from September 2010

Interesting Facts About 49ers Wide Receiver John Taylor

John Taylor was a very good wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers during the late 1980s and early 1990s. He contributed a great deal to the 49ers Super Bowl teams of the era and was a near perfect compliment to Jerry Rice. He was drafted in the 3rd round of the 1986 NFL Draft […]

Who Did The Baltimore Colts’ Bert Jones Throw The Most Touchdown Passes To?

Bert Jones came out of Louisiana State University with a lot of expectations. He seemed to show that he could fill those from early on, based on both his arm and his legs. Jones didn’t have a lot to work with during some of those seasons as the starting quarterback for the Baltimore Colts in […]

The Ten Biggest Passing Days In Green Bay Packers History

Brett Favre has had a marvelous career with a number of standout performances. Most people think that the top ten passing performances in Packers history are probably all held by him. The truth is though that he holds just five of the ten spots, still very impressive. Here is a look at his best performances […]

The Pittsburgh Steelers Best Head-to-Head Records

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been around since the early days of the NFL and have had long periods of sub-par play, as well as long periods of success. Which teams though do the Steelers have the best record against? The Pittsburgh Steelers have their best head-to-head record against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a record of […]

Sunday Night Football Trivia – New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins – 9/26/2010

Tonight’s Sunday Night Football game features the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins. These two teams have a long history together, having played a number of important or at least very competitive games. Here is some quick trivia bits about the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins history together. Two Streaks In recent years, […]

The Oldest Running Back To Score A Rushing Touchdown In NFL History

Running Backs have a notoriously short lifespan in the National Football League. The average one stays in the league less than a full season. The good ones play three to five seasons. The great ones may get seven or eight productive years. But, the punishment they take is just too much for most running backs […]

The Atlanta Falcons Worst Season Ever

The Atlanta Falcons are very popular in their hometown and the entire state of Georgia. They came into the National Football League as an expansion team in 1966 and a lot of excitement surrounded them. Many expansion teams suffer through hard times when they first start out, and the Falcons were no different. That first […]

Five Little Known Facts About Former Vikings, Raiders, and Chiefs Quarterback Rich Gannon

Rich Gannon spent the first part of his career as a spot starter and backup quarterback. When given the chance to shine though, he truly showed what he could do. He went from the Vikings, to the Redskins, and to the Chiefs in a few short years. When he went to the Raiders though, everything […]

Terry Bradshaw’s Greatest Games

Terry Bradshaw is famous for being a four time Super Bowl winning quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, as well as a football commentator too. He even has appeared in a number of movies too. What are this Hall of Fame quarterback’s greatest games though? -The most yards Terry Bradshaw ever threw for in one game […]

The Overtime Touchdowns Scored By The New England Patriots

photo credit: MiniMised The New England Patriots are one of the most popular teams in the NFL. They began play as the Boston Patriots in the old American Football League of the 1960’s. They had an up and down history until things started turning around for them in the mid 1990’s. Their multiple Super Bowl […]