2011 – Quarterbacks Primed To Move Up On The All Time Rankings List

Besides games being won and lost, champions being crowned, and new players entering the league, one other thing that happens every year in the NFL is players moving up on the all time rankings list. Sometimes a longtime player will take over the number one spot in a given category and other times he will just move up into the top ten of all time. This is an interesting and fun part of football as it can help to paint a picture of how one player may measure up historically.

With the 2011 NFL season just months away (hopefully), let’s take a look at the quarterbacks who are primed to move up into some notable spots on the all time passing lists.


-With just 70 passing attempts, Tom Brady will pass Pro Football Hall of Famers Troy Aikman and Jim Kelly and break into the top 20 all time in this category.

-With less than 200 attempts this season, Donovan McNabb will move up to 11th place all time in passing attempts. If he attempts 387 passes, he’ll actually move into the top ten, passing players like Joe Montana and Dan Fouts.


-Jon Kitna is currently ranked 24th all time in the category of pass completions with 2,671. If he manages to complete 170 passes this season, he will leap up into the top 20 all time in this category, knocking back Steve McNair, Mark Brunell, Johnny Unitas, and Jim Everett.

-With 265 completions this season, Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints will wind up in the top ten all time in pass completions. In doing so, he will leap over Dan Fouts and then knock the legendary Joe Montana out of the top ten.

-If Peyton Manning completes 286 passes this year, which he should if he stays healthy, he will take over 2nd place in the category and only Brett Favre will still be ahead of him.


-Matt Hasselbeck and Jon Kitna are both less than 500 passing yards away from entering the 30,000 Yard Club. Less than 100 yards separates them as Kitna sits in 36th place all time and Hasselbeck is in 37th. If either of them put up 2,500 yard seasons, they’ll also break into the top 30 of all time.

-Kerry Collins is 38 years old and his playing time in the NFL is questionable at best. All he needs to do though is rack up just 11 passing yards this season and he will sidestep Joe Montana and be one of the top ten all time quarterbacks in terms of career passing yards.


-It’s far down the list, but Tony Romo needs just two touchdown passes to move past Brian Griese with 119 career TD passes which would give him spot number 100 on the all time list.

-Drew Brees has 235 career touchdown passes to his name. With just two more he will pass Pro Football Hall of Famer George Blanda and be in the Top 20 of that category. That will put him just one behind another Hall of Famer, Jim Kelly, and two behind yet another Hall of Famer, Y.A. Tittle.

-Peyton Manning sits in 3rd place all time in touchdown passes with 399. He needs 22 touchdown passes to move ahead of Dan Marino into 2nd place behind Brett Favre.


-With two interceptions, Tom Brady will move past Greg Landry, Tommy Thompson, and Rich Gannon and become the 100th most intercepted quarterback in NFL history.

-Peyton Manning has averaged about 15 interceptions a year over the course of his career. If has another 15 interception year, he will move into 19th place on the all time most intercepted list. In doing so, he will pass players like Jim Plunkett, Dave Krieg, Sammy Baugh, Steve DeBerg, Drew Bledsoe, Steve Grogan, Joe Ferguson, and Terry Bradshaw.


-If Donovan McNabb is sacked just three times, he will pass Archie Manning and be the 10th most sacked NFL quarterback of all time.

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