Articles from January 2015

Patriots Players With 10 Or More 100 Yard Rushing Games

The New England Patriots are one of the better organizations in football. They have had a lot of great players over the years, including some impressive running backs. What running backs have had the most 100 yard games for the Patriots though? Here are the four New England running backs who have put up 10 […]

Tom Brady’s First Game Ever In The NFL

Tom Brady has had one of the most decorated careers an NFL quarterback could have. With multiple championships and tons of individual accomplishments and records, it is easy to understand just why he is so highly thought of, even by opposing players and fans. He really is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play […]

Great Games – The 1984 Seattle Seahawks Go On An Interception Binge

The Seattle Seahawks came into the NFL in the mid 1970’s and struggled mightily their first few seasons. By the time that the early 1980’s had rolled around though, they were beginning to show that they could in fact be one of the tougher teams in the AFC, even progressing as far as the AFC […]

Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About The Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders are one of the most popular, and the most hated, teams in the National Football League. The fans of the team feel there is something genuine in the legendary silver and black mystique that surrounds it. The team has been a part of many of the most memorable plays and games in […]