Articles from December 2015

Five Little Known Facts About Cam Newton

Cam Newton came out of Auburn as the highly rated Heisman Trophy winning quarterback out of Auburn University in 2011. The Carolina Panthers made him the number one overall pick in the draft and expectations were very high. Newton fulfilled many of those expectations by proving right away that he had what it takes to […]

Quarterbacks With Three Interception Games Over The Age Of 40

NFL quarterbacks often play past the age of 40. Those that do are usually either superstars ending their careers or very good ones who have transitioned to being backups. Today we’re taking a look at 40 year old quarterbacks who have had some pretty tough games. Throwing three or more interceptions in a game is […]

15 Fun Facts About The Tangerine Bowl, Florida Citrus Bowl, and the Capital One Bowl

What started out as the Tangerine Bowl has seen some great college football performances over the years. This has been a special bowl game with some special moments. The players and teams who have taken the field there, regardless of what the name of the bowl game was at the time, have earned their spot […]

10 Fun Facts About Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium

Here is a look at some fun facts and little known info about Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium in Memphis, Tennessee. -The original name of the stadium was Memphis Memorial Stadium when it opened in 1965. It would be renamed Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium in 1976. -The field featured real grass from 1965 through 2004 before […]

Heisman Trophy Winners in the NFL Hall of Fame

When you’re named the winner of the Heisman Trophy, you’ve been voted the most outstanding player in college football in the entire United States. This is a great award but unfortunately it also comes with a lot of pressure to prove how good you were in college football by seeing if you can live up […]

The Rookies Who Have Ran For 100 Yards Against The Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons came into the NFL in the late 1960’s and though it took awhile for them to become one of the better teams they eventually broke out of the bottom part of the league and became a familiar name to see near the top. Running backs have a lot of pressure on the, […]

Five Little Known Facts About Andy Dalton

Andy Dalton came out of TCU in 2011 as the second round pick of the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals immediately turned their offense over to the young gunslinger and they showed right away that he was just what the doctor ordered. Here are five fun little facts about this great NFL quarterback. 4 x 4 […]

10 Fun Facts About The TD Passes Of Jim Plunkett

Jim Plunkett is famous as the Super Bowl winning quarterback of the Oakland Raiders. He took an unusual route to reach that position but Raiders fans are sure glad he ended up playing for their team. Over the years, he threw a lot of touchdown passes. Here are some fun facts related to those scoring […]

First NFL Game: Dez Bryant

Picked by the Cowboys with the 24th overall selection in the 2010 NFL Draft, the team and its fans had a lot of hopes on Dez Bryant. He’d had a very successful career at Oklahoma State University where in 28 games he had 2,425 receiving yards and 29 touchdown receptions. Transitioning to the NFL can […]

Five Little Known Facts About Jets Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick

Ryan Fitzpatrick came into the NFL as a low drafted quarterback out of Harvard. Through a number of opportunities with a number of different teams, he proved that he had what it takes to play in the NFL. Here is a look at five fun facts about this very good NFL quarterback. What’s In A […]