Articles from April 2017

The First Winning Season In Seattle Seahawks History

The Seattle Seahawks joined the National Football League in 1976. Today, the team has earned a reputation for exciting play, tough defense, and one of the loudest home fields in football. As an expansion team though, they were like other expansion teams, a team with a lot of struggles. That expansion year saw Seattle post […]

The Stanford Cardinal Quarterbacks Who Have Been Drafted Into The NFL

Stanford has produced some great players over the years. Players who have not only excelled wearing the school’s uniform but the uniforms of several NFL teams after their collegiate career has ended. How many Stanford Cardinal quarterbacks have been taken in the draft over the years? The answer is 23. Frankie Albert – 1942 – […]

How Many Quarterbacks Have Been Drafted Out Of Southern Mississippi?

Southern Miss has a long and impressive history in college football. The school has contributed a number of great players to the NFL over the years. This includes six quarterbacks who have been taken in the draft, five in the NFL Draft and one in the AFL Draft. George Herring – 1956 – 49ers – […]

How Many USC Trojans Quarterbacks Have Been Drafted Into Pro Football?

There are few colleges that can match the football history of the University of Southern California. The school has played in some great games and contributed some top names to the National Football League. How many USC quarterbacks have been drafted though? The answer, as of 2016, is 23. Jim Hardy – 1945 – Redskins […]

The Top Fumble Seasons In Oakland Raiders History

No one likes to see a fumble. Not the head coach, not teammates on the sidelines, and not the fans at home. The Oakland Raiders have been playing football since 1960. Over the years, who is the team’s career leader in fumbles as of 2016? Fifth Place: Jim Plunkett (TIE) Jim Plunkett first made national […]

The Five Best Rookie Passing Days In Miami Dolphins History

Over the years, the Miami Dolphins have had some great teams. They’ve also been known for their passing game which of course hinges on quarterback play. Making a mark in the NFL as a rookie is tough though. Here are the top five passing days by a Miami Dolphins rookie quarterback. #5 – 1987 – […]