Articles from November 2017

The Most TD Passes By A Detroit Lions Rookie Quarterback

The Detroit Lions are one of the oldest franchises in the National Football League. Over the years, there have been some great players who have played for the team too. That includes at quarterback. Being a successful quarterback in the NFL is hard enough. Being successful in that position as a rookie is even harder. […]

Five Things You May Not Know About Jimmy Graham

With Jimmy Graham’s size, it isn’t hard to understand why he can turn in such amazing performances from the tight end position. Graham burst onto the scene with the New Orleans Saints and then later made his mark as a member of the Seattle Seahawks. Along the way he has scored some important touchdowns and […]

How Many Utah State Quarterbacks Were Drafted Into The NFL

Utah State University has a long history and has contributed a number of players to the NFL. How many quarterbacks out of Utah State have been taken in the NFL Draft? Bob Winters – 1957 – Browns – 22nd Round Jim Turner – 1963 – Redskins – 19th Round Bill Munson – 1964 – Rams […]