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After many inquiries regarding people wanting to link to their website from, we have established a process for doing just that. There are two ways to sponsor a team or league page on; the first way is to add your site’s link in the “More Links” section found at the bottom of most every team or league information page, the second way is to have your site’s name and message splashed across the top as the sponsor of a team or league’s information page.

More Links Advertising:
The following guidelines are in place for advertisers wishing to post their link(s) in the “more links” sections of

  • All links in the “More Links” section are priced at $5 (USD) per year. This price may change in the future, but will always be sold in one year lengths.
  • All link titles shall be no longer than 40 characters (including spaces) in length.
  • This is a site geared towards the entire family, therefore no adult, gambling, hacking, or offensive type sites will be accepted as sponsors.
  • The link you place in the “More Links” section does not have to be to a commercial website, it can be to your personal site, blog, or myspace page as well.
  • Your link will remain online for one year from the time of the transfer of funds. Approximately one month before your link’s expiration you will receive an email with information on how to continue have your link listed on your favorite team’s trivia and information page.
  • There will usually be a 48 hour time difference between when you submit your link and when it appears, this is because we review all link placement manually.
  • The site you link to must be a site that is under your control or one in which you have rights to such as an affiliate site.
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