Ask IQFB: Most Fumbles Returned For A Touchdown In One Game

Judy sent us an email the other day, asking a question about fumbles.

“What is the most fumbles returned for a touchdown one teams has ever had in a game.”

Well, Judy, after exploring game records back to 1940, it looks like no team has ever returned more than two fumbles for a touchdown in one game. A lot of teams are in on this too as it has happened 48 times in NFL history.

-The first team to do this was the Chicago Bears in 1942 in a 45-14 win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

-The only team to have two games in one season where they returned two fumbles for touchdowns is the Cleveland Browns. They did it first in a 42-20 win over the New York Giants and then did it again a little over a month later in a 38-24 win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

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