IQFB Answers: Is Drew Brees’ 6 TDs The Most In Week One History?

We had an excellent question come in from Alex who wanted to know:

“Are the six touchdown passes thrown last week by Drew Brees the most touchdowns thrown in any week one game?”

The answer is yes. No other quarterback has thrown more than six touchdown passes on opening week of any season. In fact, no other quarterback has equaled it either.

Before Brees’ performance in week one of the 2009 season, the record for most touchdowns thrown in the opening week of the season was five and it had been accomplished ten times.

Don Meredith – 1966 – Cowboys vs. Giants
Phil Simms – 1980 – Giants @ Cardinals
Lynn Dickey – 1983 – Packers @ Oilers
Dan Marino – 1984 – Dolphins @ Redskins
Mark Malone – 1985 – Steelers vs. Colts
Steve DeBerg – 1987 – Buccaneers vs. Falcons
Dan Marino – 1994 – Dolphins vs. Patriots
Neil O’Donnell – 1997 – Jets @ Seahawks
Troy Aikman – 1999 – Cowboys @ Redskins
Daunte Culpepper – 2004 – Vikings vs. Cowboys

For the record, Brees’ six TD passes against the Lions in the opening week also tied the record for the most touchdowns ever thrown against Detroit. Peyton Manning also threw six touchdowns against the Lions, he did it in week 11 of the 2004 season though.

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