What Player Has Led The League In Rushing The Most Consecutive Years?

Another great question coming in from an IQFB reader. This time Marla from New York asks what player has led the league in rushing the most consecutive years. This question, as opposed to some that we get, is actually an easy one to answer.

There are a few players who have led the league in rushing during three consecutive years, this list would include players like Steve Van Buren (1947, 48, 49), Earl Campbell (1978, 79, 80), and Emmitt Smith (1991, 92, 93). But it is the immortal Jim Brown who sits at the top of this list having led the NFL in rushing yards for five consecutive seasons from 1957 to 1961. As if that wasn’t enough, after Jim Brown finished out of the lead one season, he would come back to lead the league in rushing yards in the three consecutive seasons from 1963 to 1965. So to recap, Jim Brown played running back in the NFL for nine seasons and led the league in rushing during eight of them.

Pretty amazing.

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