Which NFL Team Has Played In The Most Tie Games?

Here is an interesting question that came in from Sharon in Texas. Sharon wants to know which NFL team has played in the most tie games.

Tie games aren’t very common now days thanks to the current overtime rules, but at one time it wasn’t uncommon for a team to have multiple tie games over the course of just one season.

The team to play in the most tie games though is the Chicago Bears who have played in 42 tie games. Here is the top five franchises in terms of tie games on their record.

Chicago Bears – 42
Arizona Cardinals – 39
Green Bay Packers – 36
New York Giants – 33
Detroit Lions – 32

There you go Sharon, and keep those questions coming!


  1. Wes says:

    Did anybody notice these are all NFC teams?

    Wes-Dallas, TX

  2. Mark says:

    Wes, you’re right. It shouldn’t be surprising though because the NFL is made up largely of teams that were in the old NFL before it merged with the AFL in 1970. So, most of the teams that date back to the start of the NFL in the 1920s, ended up being placed in the NFC (except for the Pittsburgh Steelers). Likewise, teams that came into the NFL from the AFL have only been around since 1960 at the earliest. The old NFL teams had more than forty years worth of games played than their younger AFL competitors so they had more chances to play in tie games.

  3. butch says:

    There won’t be another tie game in the NFL the next 20 years cause teams will lose in the last seconds in OT like the Browns and Bills did this season

  4. jim says:

    Only took two years with a 24-24 tie between the Rams and 49ers on Week 10 of the 2012 season

  5. Matthew says:

    not only that but the rules changed in the late 70’s for overtime to where ties were rare after that so not many chances for an AFL team to get that many tie games in the little bit after tne merge.

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