Familiar Names Show Up As Assistant Coaches Around The NFL – Part 4

Welcome to Part Four in our series listing familiar names who had significant careers in the NFL and spent all or part of 2010 as assistant coaches in the league.

Winston Moss – Green Bay Packers
Winston Moss had a successful career as a linebacker in the NFL for a number of years, including time spent with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Los Angeles Raiders.  As of 2010, he is the Assistant Head Coach/Inside Linebackers with the Green Bay Packers.

Roman Phifer – Denver Broncos
Roman Phifer had a successful college football career at UCLA and then went on to have a decent pro career with the Los Angeles and St. Louis Rams, Jets, Patriots, and Giants.  He would become the Assistant Linebackers Coach for the Denver Broncos, his first coaching position, in 2009.

Ron Rivera – San Diego Chargers
Ron Rivera was a very successful linebacker for the Chicago Bears during his playing days and has been a highly respected assistant coach for a number of years.  He is now the Defensive Coordinator for the San Diego Chargers.

Lionel Washington – Oakland Raiders
Lionel Washington was a fan favorite and a very good defensive back during his playing days with the Raiders.  Currently, he is the Defensive Backs Coach with the team he played for, the Oakland Raiders.

Frank Reich – Indianapolis Colts
Frank Reich had a long career with the Buffalo Bills, primarily as Jim Kelly’s backup, though he did get his fair share of starting opportunities.  He would also go on to play with the New York Jets and Carolina Panthers too.  Right now he is the quarterbacks coach of the Indianapolis Colts.

Pepper Johnson – New England Patriots
For years, Pepper Johnson teamed with Lawrence Taylor and Harry Carson to form one of the most feared linebacker groups in all of football.  He would also later be very effective with the Cleveland Browns too.  Today, he is the defensive line coach of the New England Patriots.

Cris Dishman – San Diego Chargers
For many years, Cris Dishman was a very good defensive back in the NFL.  He had some particularly good years during his time with the Houston Oilers and gained a reputation as one of the tougher DB’s in the league.  Today, he is the Assistant Secondary Coach for the San Diego Chargers.

Luke Butkus – Seattle Seahawks
Dick Butkus is a legendary football player that roamed the defensive side of the ball for the Chicago Bears of the 1960’s and 1970’s.  He is an iconic figure, not just in Bears history, but in NFL history as a whole.  Luke Butkus, his nephew, once went to Bears camp as an offensive lineman, but is now the Quality Control/Offensive Line Coach for the Seattle Seahawks.

Keenan McCardell – Washington Redskins
Keenan McCardell had a very successful career as a wide receiver for a number of teams including the Chargers and the Jaguars.  He passes on what he knows about that position today as the wide receiver coach of the Washington Redskins.

Sam Mills III – Carolina Panthers
Sam Mills was an outstanding linebacker who starred for the New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers in the National Football League.  Not too long after retiring, he would die tragically of cancer while coaching for the Panthers.  Today, Sam Mills II, his son, serves the team as the defensive quality control coach.

Jim Zorn – Baltimore Ravens
Jim Zorn was a fan favorite in Seattle where he was the first quarterback the franchise ever had.  He transitioned into coaching very quickly and eventually even became the Head Coach of the Washington Redskins for two seasons.  He is now the Quarterbacks Coach for the Baltimore Ravens.

Brett Maxie – Dallas Cowboys
During his playing days, Brett Maxie lined up opposite some of the best wide receivers in the game on a regular basis.  Now, the former New Orleans Saints defensive back is teaching today’s safeties how to cover and tackle wide receivers in his position as Safeties Coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

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