Five Little Known Facts About Marv Levy

Marv Levy has gone down as the greatest head coach in Buffalo Bills history. With him at the helm, the Bills won four consecutive AFC Championship games and went to four straight Super Bowls. Even though they failed to win in any of those four attempts, that is an accomplishment that puts him high up on the list of coaching greats. Here is a look at five little known facts about Marv Levy.

-Marv Levy’s college experience saw him enrolled at two different schools. He first went to Coe College in Iowa. While there, he earned varsity letters in football, track, and basketball. He later would go on to graduate studies at Harvard University, eventually earning a masters degree in English history.

-As head coach of the Cal Bears in the early 1960s, Marv Levy hired a young assistant coach named Bill Walsh who would go on to beat him to the Hall of Fame after his career with the San Francisco 49ers.

-Marv Levy’s first coaching job at the professional level was as the kicking teams coach for the Philadelphia Eagles in 1969.

-While coaching the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League for five seasons during the mid 1970s, Marv Levy would win three Grey Cup titles as champions of the league.

-Marv Levy was the oldest NFL head coach ever to lead their team to a 10 win season when he did so with the Buffalo Bills at the age of 71.

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