Interesting Facts About NFL Head Coach Dick Vermeil

Dick Vermeil was a very successful head football coach that succeeded on a number of different levels. His Philadelphia Eagles appeared in and lost the 1980 Super Bowl to the Oakland Raiders and his 1999 St. Louis Rams won the Super Bowl over the Tennessee Titans. Vermeil also had a successful career as a football broadcaster too.

Some interesting facts about NFL head coach Dick Vermeil:

-Dick Vermeil was voted “Coach of the Year” at the high school, junior college, NCAA Division I, and pro football levels.

-Dick Vermeil was the backup quarterback at San Jose State University where he graduated in 1959.

-When Dick Vermeil got his first assistant coaching job in the NFL, with the Los Angeles Rams, he was the first Special Teams coach ever hired in the league.

-Dick Vermeil coached the UCLA Bruins in 1974 and 1975, winning the Rose Bowl over the number one ranked and undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes in 1975, before being hired as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles for the 1976 season.

-After being the head coach of the Eagles from 1976 to 1982, Dick Vermeil retired due to “burn out”. He then was a broadcaster for CBS and ABC for 15 years.

-In both seasons that Dick Vermeil led his team to Super Bowl appearances, with the Eagles in 1980 and the Rams in 1999, he would end up being named the NFL Coach of the Year.

-Dick Vermeil is one of the rare people to have coached multiple NFL teams and never have been fired. He retired from the Eagles in 1982, the Rams in 1999, and the Chiefs in 2005.

-The 2006 Disney film Invincible is about Eagles standout special teams player Vince Papale. Dick Vermeil is played in the film by actor Greg Kinnear.

-In each of his stints as a head coach in the NFL, with the Eagles, Rams, and Chiefs, Dick Vermeil took over teams with losing records and eventually led them to double digit win seasons and appearances in the playoffs.

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