Little Known Facts About Raiders Head Coach (For Now) Lane Kiffin

One of the biggest stories in the NFL so far during this young season has been the constant speculation on whether or not Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders will be firing their young head coach, Lane Kiffin. Kiffin led the Raiders to a disappointing 4-12 record in his first year as head coach, but not much more was expected out of Oakland that year considering the overall lack of talent on the team. Monte Kiffin, Lane’s father, is a longtime NFL assistant coach who has spent time on the staffs of the Packers, Bills, Vikings, Jets, Saints, and Buccaneers. Lane Kiffin played quarterback at Fresno State University and from there moved straight into coaching. After reaching the position of offensive coordinator with the USC Trojans, the Raiders snatched Kiffin and named him as their head coach in 2007. Lane Kiffin’s name has been in the news a lot lately, but here are some things you may not know about the still head coach of the Oakland Raiders.

-Kiffin gave up his senior year of college football eligibility at Fresno State University to become the team’s quarterbacks coach.

-Lane Kiffin’s dad Monte served briefly as the North Carolina State head football coach, this was Monte Kiffin’s only head coaching position.

-Lane Kiffin graduated from Bloomington Jefferson High School in Bloomington, Minnesota in 1994. In high school with him at the time were Lloyd Lee the current linebackers coach of the Chicago Bears and David Watson the current defensive line coach of the USC Trojans.

-At the time of his hiring in January of 2007, he became the youngest head coach in Oakland Raiders history (31 years old).

It remains to be seen how long Kiffin will remain coaching the Raiders, anything is possible when you consider that Al Davis is involved. But one thing is sure, becoming head coach of an NFL team at the age of 31 is truly quite an accomplishment.

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