NFL Head Coaches Who Have Made The Playoffs Ten Or More Times

NFL head coaches are judged like coaches every where, how often do they win. From an owner’s perspective, the job of an NFL head coach is to get his team into the playoffs. Which coach has been the most successful at this though? There are 13 NFL head coaches who have gotten their teams into the playoffs in ten or more seasons during their career. Let’s take a look at them.

Years In Playoffs
Bill Parcells Giants, Patriots, Jets, Cowboys 10
Joe Gibbs Redskins 10
Steve Owen Giants 10
Bill Cowher Steelers 10
Tony Dungy Buccaneers, Colts 10
Chuck Knox Bills, Rams, Seahawks 11
Chuck Noll Steelers 12
Mike Holmgren Packers, Seahawks 12
Bud Grant Vikings 12
Marty Schottenheimer Browns, Chiefs, Redskins, Chargers 13
Paul Brown Browns, Bengals 15
Tom Landry Cowboys 18
Don Shula Colts, Dolphins 19

There you have it, Don Shula is the winningest NFL head football coach for a reason, he got results.

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