The Interesting Coaching Career Of Ted Marchibroda

The Interesting Coaching Career Of Ted Marchibroda

Ted Marchibroda has served as both an assistant and head coach in the National Football League. The interesting thing about his coaching career is the teams that he has coached for.

From 1975 through the 1979 season, Marchibroda was the head coach of the Baltimore Colts. During his stay there they went to the playoffs three times, each time losing in the first round. Thirteen years after leaving the Colts following the 1979 season, Marchibroda was hired again as their head coach, this time while the team was located in Indianapolis. Marchibroda’s only two playoff wins came during this second stint with the Colts during the 1995 season.

After being dismissed as the head coach for the Colts for the second time, Marchibroda was given his third head coaching job the following season. In 1996, the Cleveland Browns organization had moved to Baltimore which had been without a team since the Colts had left for Indianapolis in 1984. The franchise, now known as the Baltimore Ravens, was in need of a coach so they hired Marchibroda. His time as the first head coach in Baltimore Ravens history lasted just three years and he never posted a winning record.

So, Ted Marchibroda had three head coaching jobs, two of them were in the same city but not for the same team and two of them were for the same team but not in the same city. That’s truly an oddball coaching career if we’ve ever seen one.

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