What Active Coaches Are At The Top Of The List For Wins?

Coaches are hired and fired every year based on their win-loss records. Many coaches with a poor record one year will live to coach again the next year if their team show progress or growth. But, who are the active coaches that are at the top of the list for wins?

The winningest active head coaches in the NFL for the 2008 season are:

157 Wins – Mike Holmgren – Seattle Seahawks
Holmgren has showed, both with the Packers and the Seahawks, that he has what it takes to put a consistently good product on the field.

154 Wins – Joe Gibbs – Washington Redskins
Gibbs is unique in that although he is still currently coaching, he is also already in the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a coach.

138 Wins – Mike Shanahan – Denver Broncos
Despite poor results in an early stint coaching the Los Angeles Raiders, Shanahan has gone on to prove that he is one of the best head coaches in the league and is widely recognized as getting more production out of his players than other coaches are able to out of theres.

127 Wins – Tony Dungy – Indianapolis Colts
Dungy places fourth in victories in terms of active coaches and also has the highest win percentage (.661) among those with more experience. Known as a defensive coach during his time in Tampa Bay, Dungy came to the Colts and helped unleash one of the most productive offensives in league history.

127 Wins – Bill Belichick – New England Patriots
Bill Belichick was derided as a coaching failure following his stint with the Cleveland Browns in the early 1990s, but now is seen as one of the more ingenious coaches in the league.

115 Wins – Jeff Fisher – Tennessee Titans
Recognized around the league as one of the more consistent and tougher coaches in the league, Fisher and the Titans always put a quality product on the field and are always a formidable opponent.

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