Who Was The Longest Serving Head Coach With A Losing Record?

This question came in from Kevin in Florida. Kevin asked which NFL head coach coached the most games while putting up a losing record?

This is an interesting question as the coach would’ve had to have been somewhat successful to stick around for the number of years it would take to put up a sizable number in the games coached category, but still be just unsuccessful enough to have a below .500 record.

The answer is also interesting as this coach had a cousin who also coached briefly in the National Football League, this coach also was the head coach of one NFL team on two different occasions.

The NFL head coach with an overall losing record who coached the most games in the league is Lou Saban, former Miami Dolphins head coach Nick Saban’s cousin. Lou Saban was the first coach that the New England Patriots ever had, he then went on to coach the Buffalo Bills, the Denver Broncos, and then the Buffalo Bills again. During this time he racked up a record of 95-99-7, giving him a .490 winning percentage, he also currently ranks 27th in the league in terms of games coached with 201.

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  1. Mark says:

    What about longest tenure with one team with a losing record? Does marvin Lewis now hold that record?

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