Who Would Want This Guy Coaching In The NFL Playoffs?

One of the ways that many people measure the success of a coach is by how many wins they get in the post season. When a coach wins during the playoffs, they are helping their team to achieve the ultimate goal, winning the Super Bowl. What coach has been the least successful at this?

The NFL head coach with the most playoff losses may surprise some people as it is also the coach with the most wins ever in the league, Don Shula. What many people forget when looking at losses is that any coach that is successful enough to have a long career is also going to rack up quite a few losses.

Here are the top fifteen coaches ranked by playoff losses:

Don Shula – Dolphins – 17 losses
Tom Landry – Cowboys – 16 losses
Marty Schottenheimer – Browns, Chiefs, Redskins, Chargers – 13 losses
Bud Grant – Vikings – 12 losses
Chuck Knox – Rams, Bills, Seahawks – 11 losses
Mike Holmgren – Packers, Seahawks – 11 losses
Dan Reeves – Broncos, Giants, Falcons – 9 losses
Tony Dungy – Buccaneers, Colts – 9 losses
Bill Cowher – Steelers – 9 losses
Bill Parcells – Giants, Patriots, Jets, Cowboys – 8 losses
Steve Owen – Giants – 8 losses
Chuck Noll – Steelers – 8 losses
Marv Levy – Chiefs, Bills – 8 losses
Dennis Green – Vikings, Cardinals – 8 losses
Paul Brown – Browns, Bengals – 8 losses

As you can see, some of the most successful head coaches in football history appear on this list. While building a career of winning games, great coaches are also going to accumulate a good number of losses too.

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