Colleges Who Have Produced Super Bowl Winning Quarterbacks And Presidents Of The USA

Colleges Who Produced Super Bowl Winning Quarterbacks And Presidents Of The United States

Being a winning quarterback of a Super Bowl and being the President of the United States are two exclusive clubs. Not many people have accomplished either feat. How many colleges though have produced both a Super Bowl winning quarterback and a President of the United States?

The answer is four. Four colleges have produced both.

University of Michigan
Tom Brady of the New England Patriots and President Gerald R. Ford.

Stanford University
Jim Plunkett of the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders and President Herbert Hoover.

Edit: Ken read this post and something didn’t sit right with him. He rightfully pointed out that John Elways had also gone to Stanford and won a Super Bowl. Thanks Ken, and yes, Elway deserves credit too.

Miami University (Ohio)
Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers and President Benjamin Harrison.

United States Naval Academy
Roger Staubach of the Dallas Cowboys and President Jimmy Carter.


  1. Ken Auerbach says:

    In addition to Plunkett, John Elway also played for Stanford and was a SB-winning QB

  2. Mark says:


    Excellent observation… I’ve edited him into that post. Thanks!


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