Comparing The Programs: USC Vs. Stanford

Prompted by Stanford’s recent upset over USC, let’s look at a quick comparison of the types of athletes each school gets using the NFL Draft as an evaluator of talent. Let’s examine a year-by-year analysis:

2007 NFL Draft
USC Stanford
Dwayne Jarrett
Steve Smith
Ryan Kalil
Dallas Sartz
Oscar Lua
Trent Edwards
Michael Okwo
Brandon Harrison
2006 NFL Draft
USC Stanford
Reggie Bush
Matt Leinart
Winston Justice Eagles
Taitusi (Deuce) Lutui
LenDale White
Frostee Rucker
Dominique Byrd
Darnell Bing
David Kirtman
LaJuan Ramsey
Fred Matua
Jon Alston
Julian Jenkins
Baba Oshinowo
T.J. Rushing
2005 NFL Draft
USC Stanford
Manuel Wright
Mike Williams
Mike Patterson
Shaun Cody
Lofa Tatupu
Matt Cassel
Oshiomogho Atogwe
Alex Smith
Stanley Wilson
Jared Newberry
Will Svitek
David Bergeron
2004 NFL Draft
USC Stanford
Kenechi Udeze
Jacob Rogers
Keary Colbert
Will Poole
Amon Gordon
Kirk Chambers
Drew Caylor
2003 NFL Draft
USC Stanford
Carson Palmer
Troy Polamalu
Justin Fargas
Kareem Kelly
Malaefou MacKenzie
Kwame Harris
Teyo Johnson
Colin Branch
Casey Moore
2002 NFL Draft
USC Stanford
Kris Richard
Chris Cash
Tank Williams
Coy Wire
Randy Fasani
Brian Allen
Eric Heitmann
Zack Quaccia
2001 NFL Draft
USC Stanford
Markus Steele
Zeke Moreno
Ennis Davis
Willie Howard
Riall Johnson
2000 NFL Draft
USC Stanford
R. Jay Soward
Travis Claridge
Windrell Hayes
Chad Morton
David Gibson
Troy Walters
Todd Husak
1999 NFL Draft
USC Stanford
Chris Claiborne
Daylon McCutcheon
Larry Parker
Rashard Cook
Billy Miller
No Players Drafted
1998 NFL Draft
USC Stanford
Brian Kelly Kailee Wong
Jon Ritchie
Chris Draft
Carl Hansen
Jon Haskins

Over the course of the last ten years there have been 47 players from the University of Southern California drafted into the NFL as opposed to 35 from Stanford. That twelve player advantage doesn’t tell the whole story though, let’s look at so-called “notable” players.

Dewayne Jarrett
Steve Smith
Reggie Bush
Matt Leinart
LenDale White
Lofa Tatupu
Carson Palmer
Troy Polamalu

Alex Smith
Kwame Harris

Just another way of stating the magnitude of the upset… USC had absolutely every reason in the world to beat Stanford… and couldn’t pull it off.

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