Famous Baylor Bears In The NFL

Baylor University has a long football tradition that their fans are justifiably proud of. Many quality college football players have come through the system and some have moved on to have exceptional careers in the National Football League as well. Baylor has made a good showing for itself, especially when you consider the football powerhouses that are located geographically close to Baylor, as well as the fact that Baylor is the only private school playing in it’s conference (the Big 12) and is smaller than most of the large state universities it plays against.

Well over 150 players have played football at Baylor University and gone on to the pros, let’s look at some of the great football players who have worn those instantly recognizable Baylor football jerseys in the past and gone on to play football on Sundays in the NFL:

Walter Abercrombie
Cody Carlson
Ray Crockett
Santana Dotson
James Francis
Dennis Gentry
Bobby Lane
Vann McElroy
Gerald McNeil
Frank Pollard
Reyna Thompson

And, who could forget Pro Football Hall-of-Famer: Mike Singletary

Baylor football fans have much to be proud of from their past, and their future looks bright and secure as well.

Go Bears!

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