Fun Facts About Every 2011 Inductee To The College Football Hall Of Fame

On a warm summer day, 19 people will be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. Some made their names as players and some as coaches, but all left their mark on college football. Here is a look at one fun fact about every player inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2011.

(in alphabetical order)

Dennis Byrd – DT – North Carolina State (1965-67)

-Dennis Byrd was drafted in the 1968 NFL/AFL Draft with the sixth overall pick by the Boston Patriots. He would play just 14 games in the NFL, the fewest career games played by any player taken in the first round that year.

Ronnie Caveness – LB – Arkansas (1962-64)

-Ronnie Caveness played just four seasons in pro football after being drafted in the second round in 1965 by the Houston Oilers. He would come back to the Oilers in the 1970s, serving briefly as the team’s linebacker coach.

Ray Childress – DL – Texas A&M (1981-84)

-Ray Childress played 12 seasons in the NFL and amassed 76.5 career quarterback sacks. 75.5 came as a member of the Houston Oilers who he spent the first 11 years of his career with. He also had one sack as a member of the Dallas Cowboys where he played three games in 1996.

Dexter Coakley – LB – Appalachian State (1993-96)

-Dexter Coakley scored five defensive touchdowns during his NFL career. Four of them were scored in the third quarter.

Randy Cross – OG – UCLA (1973-75)

-Randy Cross had a very distinguished career that included multiple Super Bowl championships with the San Francisco 49ers. He graduated from Crespi Carmelite High School in the early 1970’s. This is the same high school that saw guitarist Slash from the rock group Guns n Roses attend classes there.

Sam Cunningham – RB – USC (1970-72)

-The first five touchdowns of Sam Cunningham’s NFL career were all scored during his rookie season and all came in games that the Patriots would end up losing.

Michael Favor – C – North Dakota State (1985-88)

-After a college career that saw him named the greatest player in North Dakota State football history, Mike Favor would go on to have a long career in education, specifically as a high school principal.

Charles Haley – DE – James Madison (1982-85)

-Charles Haley retired due to injuries following the 1996 season after spending 1986 through 1991 with the San Francisco 49ers and 1992 through 1996 with the Dallas Cowboys. Two years later, in 1998, Haley would come out of retirement and play two more seasons for the 49ers. He is the first player to ever win five Super Bowl rings.

Mark Herrmann – QB – Purdue (1977-80)

-Mark Herrmann’s first three NFL touchdowns not only went to three different players, but were thrown on three different teams. He threw his first touchdown pass to Steve Watson in 1982 as part of the Denver Broncos. 1984 would see him playing for the Indianapolis Colts where he would throw one touchdown pass to Ray Butler. 1985 would see him finally log time as a starter and his first touchdown pass for the San Diego Chargers that year was thrown to Charlie Joiner.

Clarkston Hines – WR – Duke (1986-89)

-Clarkston Hines won the 1990 ACC Male Athlete of the Year Award for Duke right in the middle of a five year run of Blue Devils players winning the conference wide award. The award had been won before him in 1988 and 1989 by basketball player Danny Ferry and then after him in 1991 and 1992 by another basketball player, Christian Laettner.

Desmond Howard – WR/KR – Michigan (1989-91)

-Desmond Howard wore four different jersey numbers in the NFL. He wore numbe 18 with the Detroit Lions. He wore number 80 with the Washington Redskins, Oakland Raiders, and Lions. He wore number 81 with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Green Bay Packers. He would also wear number 82 during a second stint with the Packers.

Mickey Kobrosky – B – Trinity College (1933-36)

-Mickey Kobrosky was one of the best Trinity players ever and the first one to make it into the College Football Hall of Fame. He played one season in the NFL with the New York Giants, before leaving football for Brandeis College where he would go to medical school before spending his life as a physician, first in the United States Army and then in the town he grew up in, Springfield, Massachusetts.

Chet Moeller – DB – Navy (1973-75)

-As a junior, Chet Moeller set a record at Navy by recording 25 tackles for a loss.

Jerry Stovall – HB – LSU (1960-62)

-Jerry Stovall was a very good halfback in college at LSU, going so far as to finish in second place for the Heisman Trophy in 1962. The St. Louis Cardinals drafted him in 1963 with the second overall pick in the draft. Despite his history as a running back, the Cardinals turned him into a full time defensive back which is the position he would play during his full professional career.

Pat Tillman – LB – Arizona State (1994-97)

-Pat Tillman was a very good pro linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals and an exceptional special teams player. He played just four seasons in the NFL before leaving football to join the United States Army following the terrorist attacks on 9/11. He finished his career with 238 tackles, but got to rush the ball one time. That one time, during the 1999 season, he would carry the ball for four yards before fumbling it.

Alfred Williams – LB – Colorado (1987-90)

-Alfred Williams was an active linebacker who always caused fits for the offenses he played against. In the NFL, his first career sack came as a rookie for the Cincinnati Bengals and happened when he brought down Mark Rypien of the Washington Redskins.

Barry Alvarez – Coach – Wisconsin (1990-2005)

-Barry Alvarez is the most successful head coach the Wisconsin Badgers have ever had. Before becoming the head coach at Wisconsin, he had coached at five other locales. His first coaching job was as an assistant at Lincoln Northeast High School in Nebraska. He would then become the head coach at Lexington High School in Nebraska before moving on to be the head coach at Mason City High School in Iowa. He would spend eight years as the linebacker coach for the University of Iowa before moving on to fill the same position at Notre Dame for one season. He would then be promoted to defensive coordinator at Notre Dame and after two seasons accept the position of head coach at Wisconsin.

Mike Kelly – Coach – Dayton (1981-2007)

-Mike Kelly won three national championships during his 27 years as head coach at Dayton. His third championship came in 2007, the final year of his coaching career.

Bill Manlove – Coach – Widener (1969-91) Delaware Valley (1992-95) La Salle (1997-2001)

-In 2006, five seasons after his last year as head coach in college football, Bill Manlove would coach the Division III All-Star team in the Aztec Bowl against a team of Mexico All-Stars. He would get a win in that game as he would the next year in 2007.

Gene Stallings – Coach – Texas A&M (1965-71) Alabama (1990-96)

-Gene Stallings was the head coach of the NFL’s Cardinals when they made the move from St. Louis to Arizona. He coached in 1986 and 1987 for the St. Louis Cardinals and then in 1988 and 1989 for the Phoenix Cardinals.

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