Players Sent To The NFL By Grambling State University

Grambling State University is one of the legendary colleges in terms of football. The school has taken part in a number of important and memorable games over the years. Grambling has placed over 100 players in the NFL during their history and many of them turned out to be some of the best the league has seen. Here is a look at some interesting facts surrounding the many players who played college football at Grambling and then went on to play in the National Football League.

-With 65 career touchdowns, wide receiver Charlie Joiner has scored more TDs in the NFL than any other player from Grambling State University.

-No former Grambling State player has played in more NFL games than wide receiver Charlie Joyner who appeared in 239 regular season games during his career.

-At 6’9″ tall, defensive lineman Ernie Ladd is the tallest player ever to be drafted by an NFL team out of Grambling State. Robert Woods was the shortest at 5’7″ tall when he was picked by the Kansas City Chiefs in 1978.

-Herman Arvie weighed 312 pounds when he was picked by the Browns during the 1993 NFL draft, he is the heaviest football player ever drafted out of Grambling State.

-No Grambling State played more years in the NFL than Charlie Joiner who sits atop the list with 18 NFL seasons.

-Though it was in the 1963 AFL Draft, Buck Buchanan was picked with the highest draft pick ever used on a Grambling State player with the Kansas City Chiefs used the first pick in the first round on this great defensive lineman. The highest a Grambling State player has ever been picked in the NFL Draft is the fifth pick of the first round, this happened when the Philadelphia Eagles selected defensive lineman Richard Harris in 1971.

-Only two quarterbacks have ever been drafted into the pro football out of Grambling State, James Harris by the Buffalo Bills in 1969 and Doug Williams by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1978.

-Defensive back, and Hall of Famer, Willie Brown appeared in nine NFL Pro Bowls despite the fact that no team drafted him when he came out of Grambling State. That is more Pro Bowls than any other former Grambling State player appeared in during their career.

Notable players that played football in the NFL after playing collegiately at Grambling State include Charlie Joiner, Willie Brown, Albert Lewis, Frank Lewis, Buck Buchanan, Everson Walls, Jake Reed, Woody Peoples, Willie Davis, Rosey Taylor, Gary Johnson, Bennie Nemiah Wilson, Clifton McNeil, Sammy White, Andrew Glover, James Harris, Essex Johnson, Doug Williams, John Mendenhall, Fakhir Brown, Willie Williams, Ernie Ladd, Leonard Griffin, Frank Cornish, Richard Harris, Mike St. Clair, and Trumaine Johnson.

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