Players Sent To The NFL From Washington State University

Not always thought of as a football powerhouse, Washington State University has still had some very successful seasons during its history. Over the years, Washington State University has sent 182 different players into the NFL. Here is a look at some of the interesting information surrounding those NFL players who played college football for the Washington State Cougars.

-Two former Washington State University football players have gone on to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame: offensive lineman Turk Edwards and center Mel Hein.

-In 1978, there were eight players from Washington State University drafted into the NFL, that was the most ever taken from the school in one year. The players selected that year were: Ken Greene, Don Schwartz, Mike Levenseller, Dan Doornink, Don Hover, Gavin Hendrick, Eason Ramson, and Mark Patterson.

-The former WSU Cougars football player to go on to play the most games in the NFL is kicker Jason Hanson.

-No player has played college football at WSU and scored more touchdowns in the NFL than running back Keith Lincoln who scored 40 touchdowns while playing for the San Diego Chargers and Buffalo Bills during the 1960s.

-The heaviest player ever drafted out of Washington State University was center Jason McEndoo who taken by the Seattle Seahawks in the 7th round in 1998. He tipped the scales at 307 pounds at the time he was drafted.

-Kicker Jason Hanson has played more seasons in the NFL than any other player from Washington State University.

-Keith Lincoln, a running back drafted in 1961, played in more Pro Bowls than any other former Cougars football player with five.

-The tallest player ever drafted out of WSU was offensive tackle Allan Kennedy who stood 6’7″ tall when the Washington Redskins took him in the 10th round of the 1981 NFL Draft.

-One time in history a player from Washington State University was taken with the first pick in the first round of the NFL Draft. This happened in 1993 when the New England Patriots selected quarterback Drew Bledsoe first overall.

-Ten different quarterbacks have gone on to appear in the NFL after playing collegiately at Washington State University: Ed Blount, Ricky Turner, Porter Lainhart, Bob Gambold, Mark Rypien, Don Horn, Jack Thompson, Timm Rosenbach, Ryan Leaf, and Drew Bledsoe.

Notable former NFL football players who played college football at Washington State University: Pat Beach, Drew Bledsoe, Ed Blount, Steve Broussard, John Burrough, Lewis Bush, Gail Cogdill, Mike Connelly, Joe Danelo, Dan Doornink, Turk Edwards, Mark Fields, Steve Gleason, Ken Greene, Jason Hanson, James Hasty, Mel Hein, Don Horn, Erik Howard, Bernard Jackson, Ryan Leaf, Keith Lincoln, Rian Lindell, Rueben Mayes, Rob Meier, Keith Millard, Kerry Porter, Mike Pringle, Ricky Reynolds, Timm Rosenbach, Mark Rypien, Jack Thompson, Robbie Tobeck, Marcus Trufant, Mike Utley, Clancy Williams, Eric Williams, Mike Wilson, Cory Withrow, and George Yarno.

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