Some Of The Players Oklahoma State University Has Sent To The NFL

Oklahoma State University has a long and storied history in college football and over the years has contributed more than 140 players to the National Football League. The Oklahoma State Cowboys have had some memorable players play in their football program and here are some interesting facts surrounding the NFL players that went to school there.

-No former Oklahoma State football player has scored more touchdowns in the NFL than running back Barry Sanders and his 109 scores.

-Keith Burns played in 197 NFL regular season games during his career, that is more than any other former Oklahoma State football player has.

-The most years any Oklahoma State footballer went on to play football in the NFL is 13, four players did this, they are Jon Kolb, Leslie O’Neal, Thurman Thomas, and Keith Burns.

-The Los Angeles Raiders drafted Oklahoma State quarterback Rusty Hilger in the 6th round of the 1985 NFL Draft, this is the only time an NFL team has drafted a quarterback out of Oklahoma State University.

-No former Oklahoma State football player has played in more NFL Pro Bowls than Barry Sanders who appeared in 10 of them, he also played 10 seasons in the NFL, that means Barry Sanders made the Pro Bowl every season that he played.

-In the 1998 Supplemental Draft, the San Diego Chargers selected Oklahoma State defensive lineman Jamal Williams. With his official weight listed at 348 pounds at the time, he is the heaviest player ever drafted out of Oklahoma State.

-Offensive tackle Buddy Hardaway, who was drafted by the Chargers in the 2nd round of the 1978 NFL Draft and only played one season in the NFL, is the tallest football player ever drafted out of Oklahoma State at 6′ 9″ tall.

-The highest any Oklahoma State football player has been taken in the NFL Draft is the first pick in the first round, this happened in 1947 when the Chicago Bears drafted halfback Bob Fenimore.

Notable players who played in the NFL after playing collegiately at Oklahoma State include Keith Burns, Jon Kolb, Thurman Thomas, Leslie O’Neal, Leonard Thompson, Jerry Sherk, Bill Owen, Ron Baker, Dexter Manley, Jason Gildon, Jamal Williams, R.W. McQuarters, Dale Meinert, Barry Sanders, Jim Parmer, Walt Garrison, Cary Blanchard, Reuben Gant, Marcellus Rivers, Cliff Parsley, and Tatum Bell.

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