Some Of The Players That The Colorado State Rams Have Sent To The NFL

Many football fans wouldn’t think it, but Colorado State University has had quite a successful history in college football. In fact, the school has sent more than 90 players into the NFL and many of them have gone on to become stars in the league. Here is a look at some interesting facts surrounding the players that Colorado State has sent into the National Football League.

-No former Colorado State football player has gone on to score more NFL touchdowns than running back Lawrence McCutcheon who racked up 39 during his career.

-During his career, punter Tom Rouen played in 188 regular season NFL games. That is more NFL games than any other former Colorado State football player ever played in.

-At 6’7″ tall and 302 pounds, tackle Kevin Call became both the tallest and heaviest player ever drafted into the NFL from Colorado State University in 1984.

-Defensive back Jim David appeared in more NFL Pro Bowls, 6, than any other former Colorado State football player.

-Since the NFL Draft began, only four Colorado State University quarterbacks have ever been drafted into the NFL. Those four players were Terry Nugent in 1984, Kelly Stouffer in 1987, Moses Moreno in 1998, and Bradlee Van Pelt in 2004.

-The most seasons any former Colorado State football player ever spent in the NFL was 13. Two players set this mark, punter Tom Rouen and defensive end Al Baker.

-The highest any former Colorado State football player has ever been taken in the NFL Draft is the first pick in the first round. This happened in 1956 when the Pittsburgh Steelers selected halfback Gary Glick with the number one overall pick in the draft.

Notable players to have played college football for Colorado State and then gone on to play in the NFL include Tom Rouen, Al Baker, Linden King, Mark Mullaney, Mike Bell, Don Burroughs, Harper LeBel, Jason Craft, Kevin Call, Joey Porter, Lawrence McCutcheon, Brady Smith, Rick Dennison, Fred Glick, Willie Miller, and Gary Glick.


  1. football says:

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  2. Cameron says:

    Colorado State counts Tom Rouen as one of their players that went to the NFL?? He transferred from CSU after spending little time there. The majority of his college career was played at the University of Colorado.

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