Some Of The Players USC Has Sent Into The NFL

The University of Southern California is currently ranked number one in the nation in college football and they are one of the most storied college football programs in the country’s history. They always seem to be in the news every year, making headlines with their incredible on field performances. So here is a look at some interesting facts about the USC Trojans.

The NFL Draft started in 1937 and from then up through the 2008 NFL Draft, only one year has passed by without a USC Trojan being selected by any NFL team, that year was the second year of the draft, 1938.

The most career touchdowns scored in the NFL by a former USC player is 145 by former Raiders and Chiefs running back Marcus Allen.

The tallest player ever drafted into the NFL from USC was 6’8″, this was done three times, the most recent occuring in 1986 when the San Diego Chargers drafted offensive lineman James Fitzpatrick. The heaviest player ever drafted out of USC was in 2006 when 340 pound Deuce Lutui was picked by the Arizona Cardinals.

The first USC Trojan inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame was former halfback and star of the New York Giants, Frank Gifford in 1977.

In 1970, USC became the first fully racially integrated college football team to play in the state of Alabama when they played the University of Alabama.

If during any college football day USC wins while both Notre Dame and UCLA lose, it is known among Trojan fans as a “perfect day”.

The first Trojan inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame was former head coach Howard Jones.

Through the 2008 induction, there are 11 former USC Trojans that have gotten enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The most players ever drafted in one year out of the University of Southern California was in 1953 when fifteen players left USC for the NFL. Twice USC has had fourteen players selected in the NFL Draft, that happened in 1975 and 1977.

Some of the former USC Trojan football players who have made the transition to the sidelines and coaching: Jeff Fisher, Jack Del Rio, Mike Holmgren, Sam Anno, Rocky Seto, Hudson Houck, Jim Fassel, and Kennedy Pola.

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  1. USC has an amazing program where most want to attend because of the high probability to go pro. this makes recruiting easy. you live is southern california, play for a top 10 team, and go pro after 4 years… sign me up…

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