The Most NFL Touchdowns Scored By A Player Who Played College Football At A Military Academy

While they are no longer the powerhouses they were in the early days of college football, there is still a rich tradition when it comes to the football programs of Army and Navy. The Air Force Academy came about a little later but also has played some important games in college football. But what graduates of the military academies have scored the most NFL touchdowns?

The most touchdowns scored in NFL history by a player who came into the NFL from one of the United State military academies is 39 by Bob Hoernschemeyer.

Bob Hoernschemeyer played college football for the Indiana Hoosiers before finishing his college career at the U.S. Naval Academy. After college, Hoernschemeyer joined the All American Football Conference, an early competitor to the NFL. He began his pro career in 1946 playing for the Chicago Rockets, then the Brooklyn Dodgers, and finally the Chicago Hornets before joining the Detroit Lions of the NFL where he would spend the last six years of his football career. An interesting note about Hoernschemeyer’s time with the Lions is that he would have the longest run from scrimmage by anyone in the NFL during both the 1950 (96 yards) and 1951 seasons.

What about the other military academies?

The most touchdowns scored in the NFL by a player who played for Army is 11 by Hampton Pool. All 11 of Pool’s touchdowns were scored during his four year career (1940-1943) with the Chicago Bears. Pool was out of football after that, though he came back three years later to play one season (1946) with the Miami Seahawks of the All American Football Conference.

The most touchdowns scored in the NFL by a player who played for Air Force is 4 by Larry Cole. The most interesting part about that is that Cole played on the defensive line of the Dallas Cowboys for 13 seasons. During that time he returned three interceptions and one fumble for touchdowns.

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  1. Back in the older days, the Military Academy football teams generated great interest, had star players, accomplished great success, and were popular among football fans. Unfortunately today, their elite status as football teams has declined greatly. There is still much attention toward those teams on the East Coast and in their respected military divisions, however I would like to see these teams focus more on sports recruitment and see a rise into the elite levels of collegiate football.

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