Three Fun Facts About Heisman Trophy Winners In The NFL

Heisman winners get a lot of attention. Deservedly so too as they are chosen as the best college football players during the season they won the award. How they do as they progress to the National Football League is a different story though.

Here is a look at three little known facts about Heisman Trophy winners in the NFL Draft.

#1 – The Great Eight!
The Heisman Trophy may not prove someone will be a great pro football player, but some have gone on to be truly great at both the college level and in the pros. Through 2010, eight players have won the Heisman and gone on to be voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The earliest Heisman winner to accomplish this was Doak Walker, whom the Doak Walker Award is named after, who won the Heisman in 1948.

#2 – The Only One Ever!
Only one time in the history of the NFL Draft has a Heisman Trophy winner been drafted twice. In the 1986 draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers used the first overall pick to select Bo Jackson, a running back out of Auburn. Jackson chose to play professional baseball instead and sat out a year of football, making him eligible the next year. In the 1987 NFL Draft, the Los Angeles Raiders used their 7th round pick to select him, and that is the team he ended up playing for.

#3 – Three Got Skipped
There have only been three Heisman Trophy winners in history who have not been selected in the NFL Draft. The three players are Pete Dawkins, the 1958 Heisman winner from Army, Charlie Ward, the 1993 winner from Florida State, and Jason White, the 2003 winner from Oklahoma.

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