3-0 And Notable

The Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots are both 3-0, undefeated in this young season.  That is not much of an eyebrow raiser at all, but there are three other 3-0 teams:

The Dallas Cowboys

For a team that was thought to be in the middle of the pack by a lot of people after Bill Parcells departed and was replaced by the controversial selection of Wade Phillips, the Cowboys are firing on all cylinders.  The defense appears to have not lost a step on what they’ve been building the last couple of years and the offense is shockingly reminding people of the St. Louis Rams of 6-8 years ago.

The Pittsburgh Steelers

It is true that the Steelers lost Head Coach Bill Cowher, Running Back Jerome Bettis, and more this past off season… but it hasn’t seemed to slow down this perennial AFC power.  Ben Roethlisberger is back after his injury plagued 2006 season and looks better than ever.  New Head Coach Mike Tomlin appears to have the Steelers right where they left off under the old coaching regime.  The last Pittsburgh Head Coach to go 3-0 in his first season with the team?  Bill Cowher.

The Green Bay Packers 

When it comes to teams that everyone had given up on, the Packers top the list.  It seemed like every preseason article chalked the Packers (and Brett Favre in particular) up to being over-the-hill and on the bottom of the league.  Well, put down the cheese and check out the standings… Green Bay is 3-0!  Not only is Green Bay 3-0 but Favre seems to be putting on quite a show having just tied Dan Marino’s record for most career touchdown passes.  The three teams that the Pack has defeated so far this season (the Giants, the Eagles, & the Chargers) are all respectable teams too.  The season is still young but the news looks good in Green Bay.

How many of these teams will be 4-0 next week?

Indianapolis hosts a tough Denver Broncos team.

New England plays on the road at Cincinnati.

Dallas welcomes in 0-3 St. Louis.

Pittsburgh travels to Arizona.

and, Green Bay plays at Minnesota.

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