Dolphin Irony

The 1972 Miami Dolphins and their perfect record are definitely a team for the ages.  Going the entire regular season without losing a gain, then winning their playoff games and the Super Bowl is a pretty incredible accomplishment.  The mere existence of the 1972 Dolphins’ perfect season makes it highly ironic when you hear all the talk about how this year’s Miami Dolphins might go winless.  It’s a long time between now and the end of the season, and many football people say that it is even harder to go winless than it is to go undefeated during a regular NFL season.

But, what if it happens?

Can you see that group picture?  The ’72 team and the ’07 team together, that would be classic.

Would the ’07 Dolphins hold a party and open champagne every year when the last winless team wins their first game?

How ironic it would be for the same franchise to accomplish both feats.

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