Football Movies: Masters of the Gridiron

In what can only truly be a movie loved by fans of the Cleveland Browns, Masters of the Gridiron combines the acting ability of football players with a medieval plot line. What can go wrong with that?

Masters of the Gridiron is the story of a young boy who helps one clan defeat three other warring clans. The clan that the boy helps, the acknowledged good guys of the film, is known as the Brown clan. The movie was filmed in 1985 and the Brown clan is portrayed almost completely by then members of the Cleveland Browns football team. The other clans are the Lion, Bear, and Bengal clans. The film was written and directed by Lolis Garcia-Baab, wife of Cleveland Browns player Mike Baab.

Some of the Cleveland Browns players in the movie include:

Mike Baab
Earnest Byner
Hanford Dixon
Dan Fike
Bob Golic
Carl Hairston
Kevin Mack
Clay Matthews
Ozzie Newsome
Scott Nicolas
Mike Pagel
Dave Puzzuoli

What else could this movie have, you ask? Well, how about Tiny Tim playing a character named The Lord of the League?

Masters of the Gridiron is hard to find these days, with most VHS copies that are for sale priced well over $100 due to it’s relative scarcity.

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