Corey Dillon’s Greatest Game: 278 Yards Rushing

On October 22nd, 2000 Cincinnati Bengals running back Corey Dillon had one of the greatest games ever when he racked up 278 rushing yards in a victory over the Denver Broncos. This set the record for most rushing yards in a game until three years later when Baltimore’s Jamal Lewis would run for an amazing 295 yards. Here are some interesting facts related to Corey Dillon’s incredible game.

-This was the Bengals first win of the season, raising their record to 1-6.

-Thanks to a 77 yard touchdown run by wide receiver Peter Warrick on an end-around play, the Bengals would rush for a combined 407 yards during the game.

-It was a good thing the run game was on as the Bengals quarterbacks didn’t fare too well: Starter Akili Smith completed two passes out of nine attempts for 34 yards and no touchdowns during the game, backup quarterback Scott Mitchell came in and completed no passes on five attempts for of course no yards and no touchdowns. Yes, the Bengals put up a total of 34 yards passing during the game to go along with their 407 yards rushing.

-Corey Dillon had a 100 yard game based on his two touchdown runs alone, the first being 65 yards and the second being 41 yards.

-Three different Cincinnati Bengals players scored rushing touchdowns on that day, Corey Dillon, Peter Warrick, and Brandon Bennett.

-Corey Dillon’s greatest game overshadowed a very good game by Broncos quarterback Brian Griese who completed 30 of 45 passes for 365 yards and two touchdowns that day.

-The Bengals were also sacked twice for a loss of 20 yards total, this means their net yards on passing plays was actually just 14.

-At halftime, the Bengals were losing to the Broncos by a score of 14-10.

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