Dan Marino’s Greatest Games

Dan Marino is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play football in the National Football League. He has not only gone down in history as a favorite among Miami Dolphins fans, but of NFL fans around the world.

He burst onto the scene as a rookie in 1983 and within a year was leading the league in a number of quarterback statistical categories. By the time he retired following the 1999 season, he had racked up sixty-seven 300 yards games. Dan Marino also threw four or more touchdowns in a game 22 different times. But what are Dan Marino’s best games?

Marino threw for his most yards ever in one game in a 44-30 loss to the New York Jets in 1988. In that game he accumulated 521 yards. This was the only time he threw for more than 500 yards in a game during a regular season game.

Marino was a touchdown throwing machine during his career, but never did he do better in this category than in another loss to the Jets. This time in a 51-45 loss in 1986, Marino threw six touchdown passes to five different receivers.

Dan Marino was a great quarterback who brought a number of great wins to the Miami Dolphins franchise. As happens with quarterbacks though, his two greatest games in terms of passing yards and touchdown passes came in losses.

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