December 7th, 1986 – Rueben Mayes Of The Saints Dominates The Dolphins Like No One Else Ever Has

The Miami Dolphins are one of the proudest franchises in the entire National Football League. They have good reason to be too as they have experienced more than their fair share of success over the years, including going undefeated and winning the Super Bowl in 1972.

The Dolphins have almost always featured a better than average to very good defense. Running backs come and go, some are successful and some are not, but not many have had wild success against Miami. Running backs are often judged based on 100 yard games. Running backs, like all players, often have a harder time succeeding during their rookie year.

Over the years, the Dolphins have given up 100 yard games to rookie running backs 17 times. This includes well known players like Earl Campbell, Curtis Martin, Edgerrin James, and Eric Dickerson. In their entire history (through 2010), only one rookie running back has ever ran for more than 200 yards against them.

On December 7th, 1986 in a home game, Rueben Mayes of the New Orleans Saints had the game of his life against the Dolphins. When it was all said and done he had carried the ball 28 times for 203 yards, an average of 7.25 yards per carry, and two touchdowns. No other rookie before or since has passed the 200 yard rushing mark against Miami.

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