Great Games: October 18th, 2009 – Thomas Jones Goes Over 200 Yards For The Jets

The 2009 New York Jets were an exciting team to watch.  They had a good group of young wide receivers.  Rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez was going through the ropes of learning how to be a good NFL quarterback.  New head coach Rex Ryan had brought a swagger and an incredible defense that the team had never had before.  The team also had a very good and very underrated running back in Thomas Jones.

On October 18th, the Jets hosted the Buffalo Bills in a division matchup pitting two teams that came into pro football in the same year against each other.  Thomas Jones would explode in the way a Jets running back never had before by carrying the ball 22 times for 210 yards and one touchdown.  This gave him an amazing 9.55 yards per carry average on the day.

Not only would this prove to be Thomas Jones’ best game ever in the NFL.  Through the 2010 season, this is still the most rushing yards ever gained in one game by a New York Jets running back.  Unfortunately, the Jets would go on to lose that game 16-13 to the Bills, but it wasn’t for a lack of effort on the part of running back Thomas Jones.

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